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    Oh, wait, I forgot I posted that, I have a new storyline now, slightly different to this one and much more developed.

    Far south of Hoenn is the region of Annohis. The region is meticulously placed, it is a very cold region, allowing various Ice Pokémon to survive there but warm ocean currents from the neighbouring Atlantean Archipeligo keep it from freezing over. Annohis is a region built on tradition, it is ruled by a monarchy and each of the nine large towns has an Elder to watch over them. Because of it's royal background, some Pokémon are held in high regard, suck as Slowking and Nidoqueen. But above all are the Four Pokémon Princes, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Manaphy. These Pokémon influence the area around Annohis using their powers and have kept peace in the land since time immemorial.

    But things are beginning to go bad. Elder Damuk of Ramme Town has gone missing and no replacement has yet been found.

    A mysterious group known as Organisation Frozen Shadow (OFS), led by a mysterious man known only as Sir are attempting to capture the Four Princes and use their power to take over Annohis.

    And most worrying of all the King of Annohis, Maxmillian, has been killed, being replaced by his inexpreienced 18-year-old son Mortimer.

    You are a young child in Ramme Town, today is your 13th birthday. As with all children who reach such an age, it is your turn to recieve a Pokémon and take the Elder Quest, a journey to defeat the Nine High Elders of Annohis. You go to Professor Oak's Lab and recieve you starter-a Swinub.
    You set off on the Elder Quest, but along the way get entangled in the fiendish plots of OFS, the backstabbing politics of the monarchy and learn many deep dark secrets that lead you to the true identity of Sir.

    (And Sir is not Spenser.)