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    Well, I've had two hack ideas before noticing this little subforum, and I've decided to share them.

    The first one would sort of gravitate to a Devil May Cry format (whereas you play as Dante). However, instead of weapons and styles, you'll be using pokemon (well, fakemon more accurately). Also, most weapons/styles will have 4 forms total: 3 levels, followed by a Devil Trigger form (that's basically an extremely powerful form for all you non DMC fans). I'd probably just tie a story into it, but it would be more or less for DMC fans than for members of the PC community.

    Which leads me to my second hack. This one will involve a young protagonist. The son of the Chief of a Police squad, your character lives in a small city where he/she is being pressured by a small group to steal people's pokemon. The player will have several opportunities to do the right or wrong thing, and during these turning points, major sections of the storyline will depend on what you do (for instance, if you decide to defend people's pokemon from the thieves, you will find yourself recruited into the police squad, whereas if you steal, you might be enlisted into the gang and be hunted down by the police. Also, if you stay neutral, you'll find yourself missing out on many one-time only chances to acquire pokemon and have even more foes). Also, your rival will start as a friend, though I have yet to decide if they will join the opposing organization that you do.

    The second one will be one that I actually spend time on, while the DMC one will be more of a past-time (well, more of one).
    Hey guys, I'm still alive. Not really sure if I want to continue Twisted Path though.