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    Gold Team:

    Typlosion lvl. 92
    Pigeot lvl. 89
    Gyarados lvl. 90
    Butterfree lvl. 85
    Golem lvl. 90
    Ho-Oh lvl. 91

    Silver Team:

    Typlosion lvl. 100
    Corsola lvl. 97
    Umbreon lvl. 100
    Golem lvl. 98
    Delibird lvl. 94
    Celebi (OK I GameSharked it from lvl. 5, but trained it from there so it's all good!) lvl. 96

    And lastly my Crystal Team:

    Tyranitar lvl. 98
    Lugia lvl. 100
    Ho-Oh lvl. 100
    Suicune lvl. 98
    Ampharos lvl. 96
    Heracross lvl. 96

    Aient played 'em in a while though. Might go back on and train all to lvl. 100.

    (It was also good when I let my little brother go on Silver to go against my Crystal. Fairly evenly matched. Came down to Lugia VS Celebi.)
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