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Yuoaman, which sprite[s] in particular?
Lorem, sure. Could you send me a sample of your work? Perhaps a "Wild Pokémon Battle" MIDI? Anyway, you're ahead of me in music qualifications - I'm going to be taking Grade 5 Theory in June :P
Ludicario: What's odd about it, and should I change it? And yes, I made the graphics and scripted the percentages for HP and Exp. It's one of my only scripts which I didn't need help with. Poccil helped me with the menu Pokémon checker, the Map script, and others.
In conclusion, I'm glad you all like it! I'll make some support banners tomorrow. I also need to update the Story section with the "Legend of Shika" - you can look forward to that!
P.S. As of now, I am officially 15 years old. Whoo!