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    As I see many RPG's getting no attention, and others getting a lot, I thought: why not make a thread where people could think of RPG's to RP as. Note that this is not for posting polts- that is for other, mod-created threads. The overall purpose of this thread is to ask: what kind of RPG"s do we want to see? Because right now, there are a lot of empty RPGs- what do we want?

    Anyways, I'd like

    Fantasy RPG's
    One Piece( I could make one...)
    Any RPG not run by me... (laughs)
    School settings (Oh Lancaster, why are you on the brink of death... you were my favorite...)
    Post-Apocalyptic RPGs

    Things I don't want to see
    Pokemon Trainer RPG's (Like generic Journey. Just too much)
    Pokemorphs- We already have good ones.
    Naruto- Just wait until Cipher//Infinity's is done. Lets face it, his is the best, and the others are struggling.
    Kingdom Hearts- They have a lot of it at Serebii- don't want to see it here.
    Digimon- They seem too "exclusive" you have to know every season...

    Well, post away. What do we want?

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