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    A new update had been uploaded, download link can be found on my very first post as usual.

    Music had been changed and the attack combo system is available to try out. Creating the system just made the game much more addicting, that's all I have to say.

    Expect in the very soon future for a new update filled with many new things. I had finally created the in-game menu system, along with the status menu and the equip menu. You can also finally open the presents that weren't able to be opened in the previous demos.

    Here are some screens showing on what I had done adding on so far:

    Lucas isn't suppose to be here, but I added him on the party for debugging purposes

    Here is the Status menu screen, awesomeness.

    A screen shot taken during one of the major cutscenes of the story that takes place in the prologue.

    Another screen shot taken of the same cutscene.

    The very first boss to battle in the game, Big Angry Flames. XD


    A new video for everyone to see, showing two instruments for Orange, one of the main characters of the game:
    ○◎The Endless Rhythm◎○
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