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Something I have never, EVER seen here and something that I have always desired is a modern-day (or close to it, like World War II, Korea, or Vietnam) war RP. Less swords and bows, less lightsabres and blasters, more M1 Garands and AK-47s. Less knights on horseback, more Panzers. Less spacecraft, more MiGs.

You've all fought in medieval and futuristic settings. Why not storm the beaches of Normandy, drive a Russian tank around Kursk, or pilot a B-29 on a bombing run over Japan? Why not battle North Koreans on the 38th parallel, be it in the cockpit of an F-86 Sabre or with an M1 Garand in your hands? Why not hunt down Viet Cong along the Ho Chi Minh Trail or duel North Vietnamese MiGs in a trusty F-4 Phantom? Why not battle Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard on the outskirts of Baghdad or track down Taliban forces in the mountains of Afghanistan? Even "realistic" combat with good old guns and tanks can be escapist enough for your wants or needs.

If open battlefields are too big and epic for you, however, you can always do espionage, black ops, and/or counter-terrorism. All the drama and character development with only half the bloodshed and property damage.