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home to the most shoujo title on the face of the planet.


Armon Academy, a high class boarding school known for turning all and any boy into a successful and wealthy man. Academy as it’s usually referred to, has alumni in any field where a fortune is waiting to be made, be it business, medicine, entertainment, or sports. It breeds the next generation of gentlemen, and is unsurpassable in terms of staff and facility. Though strict with its ways and at the tip of excellence, Academy is open to all who can afford it. This unique quality causes even normal, everyday citizens to be able to rise up in the ranks, should they put their mind to it. The students are told upon their inauguration the very reason that Armon Academy is an all-boys school: Females are inferior to males, and only stand in the way of the best and most polished learning experience.

Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School, a high class boarding school known for turning all and any girl into a refined and mannerly lady. It is rude to shorten the proper name of something for one’s own convenience. Directly adjacent to Armon Academy, Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School can easily be considered Academy’s number one rival. Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School always brings up the most polite and accomplished women, and can associate powerful women in society to its graduates. The school is very particular about their students, and boast that with time and patience, even the most wild girl can be tamed with their flawless educational system.

The long history of the two prestigious educational facilities has only two things that stay the same for as far back as one can go. Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School and Armon Academy have always been neighbors and they have always been rivals.

A new school administration chairman has recently been elected, and he has managed to convince the influential parents of the more wealthy students that merging the two schools will most certainly help their student by bringing them more social openings and skills, so that when they graduate, they are not faced with the sudden and imminent need to treat and speak to female’s or males as equals, unlike they being currently taught.

Times are changing.

You are either a returning student or a freshman to the newly founded school, which has adopted Armon Academy’s nickname as its proper name, much to the Lahea’s Ladies Finishing School’s dismay. Academy keeps its dorms separate, the same as when it was two schools; Dorms lining the opposite sides of the campus. Good luck, returning students, with accepting the new classmates. Good luck, freshman, with surviving both the feud between the upperclassmen and sitting at the bottom of the food chain.

Good luck, achieving what was once the impossible.

This roleplay will take place in most likely England. I'm personally rather iffy on pinning specific locations, but for clarification reasons, I suppose I just have to suck it up and choose. This is a boarding school, so your character's family can live in an entirely different country. Takes place in the present, but famous peoples and events are voided.


1. Read the Pokecommunity Roleplay Rules, and you should be mostly set.
2. Please do everyone a favor and bold the main topics such as name, age, appearance, etc. in your sign-up.
3. Keep things realistic. Nobody wants to hear about your tragic past the first time you meet them or something ridiculous like that. True, this is a glittery-romance RP, but creepers are creepers.

note; I'm the biggest failure of an RP master on the face of the planet. Apologies in advance. xD;


Leberecht Pascal - Loki - 11
Luce Fulvio - Loki - 10
Brad Matthews VII - Brad - 9
Jamal Robinson - Gummy - 11
Rémi LaClaire - Animadversion - 10
Corrine LaClaire - Animadversion - 10
Illyabera Jannet Evangard - Chibi-chan - 10
Edmund Elton - Chibi-chan - 12
Dean Caldwell - Trainer Kat - 11
Alina Lenoir - Trainer Kat - 9
Fabian O'Brien - Wilt - 10
Heath Grayson - Kansas - 11
Rosetta Conrads - EureKa - 9
Christina Arma - Phanima
David Jonathan Park (Park Dae-jung) - Jack O'Neill [pending]
Julia Evelina de la Cruz - Jack O'Neill [pending]
Elise Sofia de Vaan - Ayumi-chan [pending]

Male to Female Ratio; 8:6 (Oh dear...)

This very stupid policy will be removed once the male to female ratio difference is 2 or less. 3

Character Grades by animadversion:

Brad Matthews VII [Brad]
Alina Lenoir [Trainer Kat]
Rosetta Conrads [EureKa

Luce Fulvio [Loki]
Rémi LaClaire [Animadversion]
Corrine LaClaire [Animadversion]
Illyabera Jannet Evangard [Chibi-chan]

Leberecht Pascal [Loki]
Dean Caldwell [Trainer Kat]
Heath Grayson [Kansas]
Jamal Robinson [Gummy]
Elise Sofia de Vaan [Ayumi-chan]

Edmund Elton [Chibi-chan]
David Jonathan Park [Jack O'Neill]
Julia Evelina de la Cruz [Jack O'Neill]

Boys Dorm

8. Dean Caldwell, Heath Grayson
13. Brad Matthews VII, ???
25. Jamal Robinson, Fabian O'Brien
72. Edmund Elton, ???
73. Leberecht Pascal, Rémi LaClaire

Girls Dorm

21. Corrine LaClaire, Alina Lenoir
27. Illyabera Jannet Evangard, Luce Fulvio


Gender: (Male or Female.)
Appearance: (There is a uniform. Females: Black blazer with a white blouse underneath and a pleated gray skirt. The skirt comes in two lengths, knee-length, or just past mid-thigh. A ribbon of any solid color should be worn around the collar of the blouse. Males: Black sports jacket with a white dress shirt underneath, black pants and a tie of personal color choice. Black formal shoes should be worn for both uniforms.)
History: -Optional, but recommended-