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    Originally Posted by j.a View Post
    **** IT! ive been nice from the start and the entire idea whas crapier than all you HAGS! and you gotta be kidding me how do you expect to make 151 pokemon with No sprites! and the title page is the CRAPIEST part!
    If your sprites aren't up the the mark, then it's no need to flame my game. You see, you were complimenting it in your first post in the thread, and now, just because I didn't give you the job, it doesn't mean that you can be downright awful to me.

    I didn't give you any concept arts for you to sprite because your example sprites weren't what I was looking for, and I didn't want to waste your time.

    At the moment, I am feeling extremely hurt and angry because of the way you have criticised my hard work for 5 months.

    EDIT: I didn't see you wanted a job in mapping. Due to your attitude, and apparently thinking that the game is "CRAP", then I doubt you will still want your mapper job. Even if you did want it, I would have to decline, because of your attitude in your most recent post.