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    Name: Brad Matthews VII
    Age: 14 (Freshman!!!)
    Gender: Male
    Grade: 9th
    Appearance: Since Brad is male, he wears the usual uniform- a black sports jacket, with a fur inside (high class, after all), a white dress shirt underneath the leather/fur jacket, black pants, and black leather shoes. Brad has golden tan skin, like actual gold, and is pretty muscular, but still slender- he doesn’t look like a pro wrestler. His torso takes up 55% of his body, and is relatively muscular- he has no fat. His arms are about 6 inches longer than his torso. Brad is 6’5”. Brad face features upward curved, round eyes, sapphire blue in color, a smaller nose, free earlobes (still small), and thin lips. He has no chin cleft. His hair is in a combed back, formal fashion- black and red in color.

    Brad often carries his 160 GB iPod in his pocket, or has the earphones in his ears. When he walks, his head is pointed downward- his face tightened in sullen focus upon getting to his next class. When talking, he has no smile, just a straight line, representing neither a smile nor a frown. Brad walks fast, but with grace- his steps are silent, and his pace is fast.

    Personality: Brad is a quiet, cold person. Having a dislike of cheery optimism, he is cynical, and speaks in cold, biting tones. In class, neutrality permeates him- his voice is monotone, the answers droning from his mouth, lined with pearly whites. Outside of class, he avoids socialization, and prefers keeping to himself, to be in solitude. He is elated that he is alone in his dorm room- all the more time alone, he thinks. He enjoys reading, or experimenting- he hopes to become a corporate giant in many science industries. Being as smart as he is, he builds robots- often to help in chores, or, in new cases, to be military weapons, to be sold in mass waves to industrialized countries. He also enjoys biotechnology. Brad interests are a bit weird as well- he reads new publications, listens to music from the 60’s to 80’s, and hates modern music. He has always socialized better around adults- the more mature personalities fit him better. Inside, he has no aspirations for romance, and has already engineered his puberty genes (with help from his father- okay, all from his father), but he forgot to turn off the genes for sexual attraction- his opinion of romance will soon change. He does not reveal much about himself- he prefers secrecy- as he says “Once a person knows something about you, then the blackmail starts.”

    Brad’s talents are trivia, swimming, dexterity (ambidextrous), and being good at crsafts- not to mention knowledge.

    History: Brad’s history is turbulent. Just to clarify, he has lived his whole life on Maui. He was originally born to his current parents, but was kidnapped at birth by a poor couple. His kidnappers underfed him, and force him not to go to school. Eventually, his real parents rescued him, and it took him a long time to recover from the starvation and the beatings. Under his real parents, his mind flourished- and he did really well in school. However, he was home schooled for 6th-8th grade, and Brad learned many specialized things. Then, his parents decided to send him to Armon- to get the final steps of his education, and so he’d develop connections.
    Other: He also enjoys swimming, and enjoys it- his body gliding effortlessly through the water, or his body torpedoing down through the water at high speeds.

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