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    This game is looking very promising and everything, very nice custom stuff, but I am fed up with peope who have almost the exact same storyline as my game.

    I have counted, and this is the 3rd (and possibly 4th, but I remember one of them being changed) storyline that almost copies Pokemon Scarlet's. I believe I came up with the idea of the Professor being kidnapped first over a year ago, and soon after I saw fangames with the same idea. I don't even care that our Professors have the same name, it's just that it seems to be more than just 'coinicidence' that so many fangames have all of a sudden got this 'Kidnapped professor' storyline.

    I just wanted to point that out, because the next game I see with a similar storyline will make me change my game's storyline. You may think that I'm going crazy here, but you should understand the reason why I'm angry.

    But with all of that aside, good luck with your game