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Bell, I love you. I really really do.

Full Given Name: Illyabera (Ill-E-ah-ber-ah) Jannet Evangard
Nicknames: Illya
Gender: Female
Grade 10
Age: 15

Appearance: Illya is around 5"6 inches and has a rather slim build. Along with the slim build, she's rather dainty in physical strength. Illya's skin is slightly above pale while she has a regular sized bust; but she's not one to brag about her features. The one thing that she does like to pamper about herself is her light-colored blonde hair, which extends to her waist and almost looks beige in light. Illyabera's eyes are a chestnut brown.

Being high maintainince, Illya likes to dress that way as well. When it comes to attire, her motto stands that "A well made girl is an efficient girl." To keep her hair away from her face, Illya decorates her hair with two gold disc-shaped clips which pull her hair back and leave her bangs out in front. Illyabera's favorite colors are any shade of purple, therefore her ribbon is a pale plum purple. Her black blazer is always buttoned and her skirt always in line. Anything less would be considered sloppy. As for shoes, Illya prefers wearing her favorite style, Mary Janes. She also likes to wear white gloves due to that fact that she's a major germaphobe.

Personality: Illyabera at first glance is not a very approachable person. If you are the same age as her (15), it's best not to approach her. Illya likes to be in control of things around people the same age as her. She can be considered as bossy and downright mean if something is not going the way she likes and she feels she can gain the advantage to get her way. This is only good when she's unrivaled. Because of this, she's never had a friend her same age and sometimes prefers it that way because she feels that friendship can restrict her own personal freedom. "Rivals are more exciting anyway" is her mindset. Slowly, they could involve a arch-rival relationship or an odd kind of friendship, but the case is rare. Deep down, Illya is scared of getting close to anyone.
When it comes to people that are younger than her, she can be amazingly helpful and encouraging. For her, it's like being the motherly influence that she never experienced. People who are older than her she never argues or bickers with, mainly because she feels intimidated by older people. If the older person though does not keep through that gift of dominance that she gives them though, she'll begin to hold them in less esteem. Flippancy isn't something that she'll tolerate by anyone older for the reason that those people aren't people that she'll look up too. Besides helping those younger than herself, Illya doesn't love anything else. She's not flirty or very giggly around anyone. She's had a few people in the past though who have accepted her coldness though and are around her age. She denies them as friends but treats them like sidekicks and rants her feelings towards them. When it's someone younger though, she likes to be the one who listens. She's not that good with people, but that just might be the closest she'll get to a person. The one thing that she hates regardless of age is teasing. Even if she despises the person, she'll defend them from any kind of mocking or prejudicial verbal abuse. This is somewhat hypocritical due to the fact that she'll coldly lash out if someone is annoying her, but she hates for others to do so. Especially someone older to someone younger. Of course, this doesn't mean she'll like you or anything; she just hates to watch people getting picked on unless she's doing it.

Pride is her major fault and 'spacing-out' is another. Overconfidence and flippancy are her most hated attributes in a person. If she doesn't like you, she probably will never like you. Anyone who demeans her will instantly be asking for trouble; whether it's a fight or even revenge. Criticism is hard for her to swallow, but she'll try her best at doing so (with 50 questions on why it's wrong). Over her prideful disposition, she's forgetful; but not in a clumsy way. She'll fully exaggerate into the lengthiest lie ever to cover it up. Overall, Illya is competitive and assertive, but has a secret soft side way way way down. But that's reserved for younger people.

History: Illyabera first heard from her mother's sister of Lahea's, due to her son going to Armon. Living in Russia as the upperclass, Illya was not very good at making friends because of her wealth. Her parents decided on sending her to Lahea's in order for her to attempt to make real friends and meet people her age.

Illya's been locked up most of her life being taught privately and enjoying the luxury of just being rich. She doesn't understand friendship to begin with because she's barely had any, so half of the cold things she says she doesn't really mean. Her favorite possession is a stuffed white rabbit called Karrot.


Name: Edmund Elton
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: 12
Appearance: If there was one thing he had in common with his cousin, it would be his love of looking tidy. At about 6”1 and a slim build, he’s the typical intellectual upperclassman. His eyes are the same chestnut brown as his cousins and his hair is also the same light-yellow. Unlike most boys though, his hair is down to his waist. He never wears it fully out though; he keeps it tied in the back with a black hair-tie. He also has a pair of low-rimmed black glasses that he uses to read with because he’s farsighted. If he’s without his glasses, he’s pretty much blind. Most of the time, his expression is a bit drowsy. His eyes usually appear bored (most likely because he is) and he’s not one to be caught smiling. Yet, when you actually do approach him and talk, he’s pretty lively and interested. This doesn’t exactly mean he is interested though. It’s just his upbringing. His tie matches the color of his hair because he considers it ‘the same but different.’ His sports jacket isn't usually buttoned, unless his cousin insists on buttoning it for him. Outside of his uniform he’s not one to stand out; he usually wears a solid colored shirt, jeans, and a jacket somewhere around the grayscale. Edmund wears white and black tennis most of the time as well. It’s not as sloppy as much as it is simple, which is totally the opposite of his cousin. If he’s off to play tennis though, he usually wears a striped polo shirt and white or brown shorts.

Personality: From afar, Edmund’s the type of guy who seems to sleep through class and still manage to get valedictorian status. He’s carefree and rarely ever serious about anything unless it has to do with tennis or something sporty. Edmund’s emotions are on his sleeve, except when it comes to something irritable. If something does irritate or embarrass him, he tries to laugh it off. He does like to joke and be sarcastic, especially to his cousin. No matter what you talk about, he’s pretty straightforward in his own opinion. He’s not necessarily blunt, but if he doesn’t agree with you, he’ll at least hint at it. When it comes to women, Edmund’s extremely gallant. If he has to go out of his way to do something for a girl, he would to make her smile. But this is his upbringing; to him it’s what he’s expected to do, not because he likes the girl or anything. The only exception to this gallantry is anyone he feels really comfortable around and Illyabera. He just finds it fun to irritate or playfully poke fun at them. He likes to be regarded with a good opinion, and that’s his usual concern in life. When it comes to underclassmen, Edmund tries to set the scholarly example, but likes to show that everything’s not just study. This is pretty hypocritical due to the fact that he stays up late at night to study and sleeps during class. Edmund’s favorite type of people are the quiet ones. It’s his own personal enjoyment to try to get something out of them.

History: Edmund Evanguard, though he doesn’t like to say it, shows that’s he’s pretty high in England society. His family line has prospered continually since his great grandfather’s dealings with the West India Company. The only child of the Evanguards, Edmund has never dealt with rivalry or had anything against another person. He had also never minded being to himself. Before going to Armon, Edmund had been homeschooled by his own private teachers. What had influenced his parents into sending him to Armon was due to the fact that he needed to put himself in society with people his age and respectability. While his family valued nothing but good connections and wealth, Edmund’s main value was in being respectable. His major dream has also been to become a professional tennis player, while his parents expect him to join in Parliament like his father.

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