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Originally Posted by Rocklee666
1) I'm not holding responsibility for my cousins actions.
2) I see a lot of people do this.
3) I've done this a while back and NEVER got in trouble for this.

so you get this infraction off now. I don't kid around. If you don't I'm reporting you to the head administrator. maybe he'll be able to do something about these mods. Oh yeah, dont try and say, well, you are'nt a mod , and you have no clue what it's like to be one with all the spam and ****. well, I'm a moderator on an mmorpg. over 300,000 people on it. And the biggest guild on there, are a bunch of prissy hackers that ruin the game for everybody, AND they befriended all the mods.... I might be tempted to bring a friend of mine over here.
I related to the Bloods, so people know not to piss me off.
This is why your cousin was banned. Funny how the two of you have a similar typing style. Must run in the pack family.
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