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Originally Posted by Xenocrates View Post
Chibi; It looks good, except, there's.... no magic. xD; Forgot to edit that bit out in your personality. Also, is that description Illya's regular outfit? -there's a uniform...- xD Just clear up those few things and you should mostly be good to go, unless you still plan on adding to your history.



In the meantime, I've decided that the school uniforms are boring. So, you can choose whatever color tie or ribbon of the rainbow you want, except it must be a solid color. You can edit this into your appearance, and there is no need to post saying you've done so. If you choose not to edit this into your post, we will assume you've chosen a gray tie/ribbon.

Oh whoops, I guess I missed that :x Yeah, that's what she wears regularly. She likes to keep her uptight appearance. I'll update my history tomorrow.
Her ribbon is yellow =A= Oh, and I might add a male character if I get the time to write one up.

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