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    xD; This is me reserving a spot in this RP. I've gotta go to bed soon, but I'm good for it, I promise. Oh, and, hmm...I wasn't sure about socks for girls. So, I just gave Alina knee-highs. Tell me if you want me to change that. ^^

    Name: Dean Caldwell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Grade: 11th
    Appearance: Dean is quite the dreamy one, at least, to girls who don't mind rebels. At 5'11", Dean stands taller than most girls, and is about the typical height for a male. He's 145 pounds, and his outward appearance is testament to this. He's got a slightly athletic build, though he's more slender than beefy, as he has little in the way of muscles. He has ebony hair which is unnatural in every way, shape, and form. The dyed locks are cut in a choppy style, falling a little ways past his chin. His hair is parted on the right side, causing it to occasionally fall into his left eye, at which point he will promptly flip his hair away from his face. Naturally, his hair is a light brown, perhaps even dirty blonde color, though he keeps up with the dying, so this color is rarely revealed. His skin is pale, though not a deathly white. It is merely the result of a refusal to tan. His eyes are a deep, beautiful forest green. Across the bridge of his nose are a few, light freckles, which remain invisible unless one is incredibly close to his face--close enough to kiss him. He wears the male school uniform to Academy, like any good boy should. A white button down shirt is worn under his black sports jacket, which falls to the middle of his butt. The black dress pants he wears fit him rather snugly, hugging his thighs like nobody's business. They fall past his ankles, like any pair of pants should, hiding his socks. Black dress shoes adorn his feet. Feeling much like a penguin in this get-up, Dean wears a hot pink tie around his neck, adding a splash of color to his otherwise drab outfit. Occasionally, he'll wear a black hoodie in place of the sports coat, zipped up all the way, with his hood on.

    Outside of Academy, Dean wears tight blue jeans, accompanied by either a white, button down tee shirt, or a black band tee, both tight around his abdomen. His neck is encircled by a tricolor scarf--forest green, crimson red, and dark grey stripes alternating along its length. The scarf is thick, covering his chin and coming down to his shoulders. It falls down to his knees, flowing behind him when he walks. Atop his shirt, he wears the same hoodie he sometimes substitutes for his uniform jacket. His feet are covered by black Converse hi-tops. Occasionally, Dean will wear tight black jeans and a tight fitting hot pink tee shirt, along with the Converse. However, it is quite common to see him in ripped, faded blue jeans, a tight black tee shirt, and a red bandanna around his neck.

    He stands in one of two fashions--slouched when he's feeling pissy or rebellious, and upright when he's feeling superior.

    Personality: Dean's an ass, to put it simply. He is a total rebel, and cares little of what others think of him. He often does things for shock value alone, such as wearing a hot pink tie with his school uniform, despite being perfectly straight. He gets in trouble for what he does, especially while wearing the hoodie. All this means little to him, as he would much rather stand up to the authority than have to conform to others' standards. He always acts cool and snooty, looking down on others for one reason or another. Dean has a tendency to hit on every girl he comes in contact with, flashing them his pearly whites and turning on the charm. As a result, he has had many girlfriends, and is quite experienced in the realm of dating. He has a bad habit of kissing girls when he first meets them, without even asking for their names. This often leads to either one very happy girl, or one very angry girl. He dates maybe a quarter of the girls he kisses, and those dates are usually dumped within two weeks or less. Dean is very suave, and can fool people into believing he isn't a jerk very easily.

    Dean isn't nice to people. He's very pushy and hot-headed. Despite this, his attractive outward appearance causes him to have a good amount of friends, though most are groupies who look up to him because he's popular and rich, and wouldn't actually speak to him if he wasn't one or the other. He manipulates others to get what he wants, even though it is guaranteed that he could afford it himself.

    Dean acts stupid at times, and especially during class. If asked a question by the teacher, he will apathetically reply "I don't know" and go back to whatever he was doing. He is quite smart though, and has high marks on all his tests. He often picks on freshman males, forcing them to do one thing or another. He is often flanked by other male friends, so he'll do this regardless of whether or not the underclassman is bigger than him.

    History: Dean grew up in a very well-off family. An only child, he was spoiled rotten. He was offered the finest education money could buy, private tutors, piano lessons, you name it. His family lived in beautiful London, in a large mansion. Dean attended a private academy for his whole life. His mother, Eleanor Caldwell, was a famous fashion designer, one who was known across the world. His father was Joseph Caldwell, who was a lawyer. As a result, Dean was raised by the family servants. They taught him properly, the way a young boy should. He was perpetually kind to everyone, and never looked down upon anyone for having less than he. He had always been a smaller boy, so when he was ten, he got beat up repeatedly. It was at that moment that he decided he would get stronger. Dean became the bully, always picking on kids as he had been. As he grew, he became increasingly attractive, and he got a growth spurt around the age of thirteen. He dyed his lovely brown hair a jet-black, and took up smoking at the age of fourteen. He began to rebel, slowly adding his own flair to the uniforms he was given. This extreme rebelliousness was short-lived, however. Lately, he has been more accepting of authority, though occasionally he'll do something completely uncalled for. This could be due to Academy, which has much stricter rules than the schools he was used to.

    Other: Dean, obviously, has a British accent, one which hasn't been tainted by any American dialect. He smokes rather heavily, and seems to smell permanently of tobacco. He plays the guitar, and is rather skilled at it, something that usually attracts the ladies.

    Dean's parents donated copious amounts to the soccer team, since Dean's father played during his high school years. Dean had a total lack of interest in soccer, though he pretended for his father's sake. He met Heath repeatedly through the donations. Initially, their conversations were nothing more than courteous, though they soon became friends. Heath is Dean's closest friend, though really he's more like Dean's only friend. If you see one, you won't have to look too far before you spot the other.

    Name: Alina Lenoir
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Grade: 9th
    Appearance: Alina is small and frail. At just 5'1", she weighs a mere 88 pounds, giving off the impression to some that she is anorexic, though her height proves otherwise. She has short, thin, naturally pin-straight blonde hair, fashioned into a bob that ends at mid-neck. Her hair is parted on the left side, her bangs falling gently over her right eye. Her skin is quite fair, making her ice-blue eyes become more prominent. She often wears little to no makeup on the face, save a small bit of mascara on occasion. Her lips are a light shade of pink, and need no lipstick to make them stand out (in fact, should she put lipstick on, she ends up looking more like a clown than a teenage girl). She wears the standard issue school uniform. Alina's white blouse fits her perfectly--not too tight, not too loose, despite her size. This is due to the fact that she purchased a child's size blouse, instead of a regular adult one. The blazer has been tailored to adequately be supported by her small frame. Despite the alterations, the ebony jacket is still on the long side, hiding all but an inch or less of her pleated grey skirt. Alina opted for the shorter length of skirt, which had to be tailored as well. It reaches perfectly to mid-thigh, if not a small bit longer. Her legs are covered by a pair of knee socks, ending with black Mary Janes on her feet. All of this is completed by an aqua blue ribbon, wrapped around the collar of her blouse.

    When not at Academy, Alina wears a blue and white number. The corset-like top she wears is blue, save one white bit down the middle, adorned with buttons. The collar that extends upwards to just below her chin is white as well. The sleeves come down, covering her hands slightly, flaring out at the wrists. She wears her hair back in a blue ribbon, though the front part of her hair remains hanging down, as it is too short to reach the back of her skull. The skirt she wears hangs to mid-calf. It, too, is midnight blue with a white part down the middle, connecting in the center with the white part of her top. Just barely visible underneath her skirt are white socks which extend up to mid-thigh. On her feet are the same Mary Janes she wears to school.

    Personality: Alina is more introverted than she should be, especially considering her high class. She often avoids eye contact when she speaks, keeping her blue hues fixed permanently on her feet. She has a tendency to get nervous when she speaks, often resulting in a minor stutter. When she is around members of the opposite sex, especially attractive ones, heat rises quickly to her face, painting a deep crimson blush across her cheeks. Despite being beautiful and elegant, she feels that she is inferior to others, and will rarely, if ever, strike up a conversation with someone first. Alina thinks of herself as a bother, and won't even be the first to approach her "friends", or those she knows incredibly well.

    Alina's shyness is only outweighed by her kindness. She cares deeply for others, and will often put their needs before her own. She can be a pushover. If someone is hungry, she will give up her lunch and go without for the day. Even if another just desires something of hers, she'll happily hand it to them without hesitation. As a result, others often take advantage of her kindness. Even though she is fully aware of this fact, she continues to act selfless. She is prone to apologizing profusely, even if she has done nothing wrong.

    Alina's voice is often laced with respect, even towards those younger than she. As per her upbringing, she curtsies at the end of each conversation. She looks up to anyone who is older than her, and is constantly searching for a role model. She has had numerous idols in the past, and will devote herself fully to them, becoming a servant of sorts.

    History: Alina comes from a long line of Lenoirs. Her family is among one of the richest in all of France. It is rumored that they have ties to royalty, though there is nothing to prove this, as they currently lack association to anything kingly. Alina's mother, Janvier Lenoir, was charged with the duties of raising and teaching her. Her mother valued formality and propriety in young ladies, something that Alina picked up and eventually adopted over time. Her father, Edouard Lenoir, is a successful businessman, raking in an increasing amount of cash to their already substantial supply. He's never shown Alina much attention, besides giving her business advice, and critiquing her when she fails to live up to his expectations of what a proper young lady should be. Currently, Alina lives in bustling Paris, which has never much appealed to her. Previously, the Lenoirs lived in Brest, also a city fitting of their royalty, but one that is flanked by a harbor, giving Alina the outdoorsy appeal she craves. Edouard demanded they move when she was eight, as he wanted his daughter to be more socialized, like the little "princess" she should be. Alina was forced to leave her friends behind. Since moving to Paris, she has only made three or four friends, and she would never consider herself close to them. Loyal, yes, but close, no. Since her unexpected move six years ago, Alina has had problems trusting anyone. Once they were in Paris, Janvier began to homeschool Alina, causing her to become even more socially inept, as she wouldn't go out and seek friends by herself, and she wasn't forced to be with others. On her fourteenth birthday, her parents decided to enroll her in the newly combined Academy in hopes of socializing her.

    Other: Alina carries only a small French accent, as most of it has been lost over time.

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