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Name: Alex Abarai Anderson
Age 16 ( Returnee)
Gender: Male
Grade: 11TH,
Appearance:As is custom for all boys in the “Academy”, Alex wears the normal boys uniform- Black sports jacket with a white dress shirt underneath(usually with a neck warmer), black pants and a tie of personal color choice, usually navy blue, all on his Black formal shoes. Alex’s skin is quite pale, but with a dark shade. Thus, Alex is not so pale looking, as his skin also happens to be oily. Alex, is a little bit muscular but yet, a little slender, with a height of about ‘6’5. His arms happen to be about 15cm away from his knees. His Long legs seemed to have been meant for running (even though he doesn’t participate in sports) …his dark brown eyes match perfectly with his dark orange-almost red spiky hair. Alex’s Asian European face is due to his mother’s Chinese lineage. However he is not among the oddest people in the school. .
Personality: Alex is a confident, arrogant and humorous person. Being a funny, reliable and responsible person that he is; he tends to have some leadership qualities that may not be accepted by his peers…like his tendency to cancel long planned social occasions for interrupting emergent functions…like “The only chance to complete and submit a due assignment.”, “An emergent extension class that I can’t miss” or “It’s an important game, I must watch it, live” or simply… “Soccer practice, if I don’t attend, I’ll be out of the team for good”. These excuses of his tend to give others a chance to find something better to do with their time. Also, his natural cover-up for people has helped to build up friendships out of nothing. On the pitch, Alex is a very modest and obedient player; he follows virtually all instructions given to him as he tries to do what he does best. Most of Alex’s high and mature behavior comes as a result of his football fame, and an attempt to keep his reputation at its peak. Aside from his famous agenda, he seems to have enough time to still communicate with his regular friends and complete homework. He happens to be with himself most of the time, thinking of the past, present and future, what it had become, and what he would have wanted it to be. During this his reckoning period, he is most times invited into conversations to give his opinions, this is as a result of his cool and calm attitude which has given him an intelligent appearance. Perhaps, it would do no harm to say that he is a boy with to many worries on his mind, in fact he doesn’t loosen himself of this stress…at least when his pals are not around him. He is the kind of person who speaks his mind and would never shake of his decisions. He however happens to be a very debative student who participates in most non-stressing activities.
That done, Alex’s bad side should also be spoken of…normally, any humiliating, abusive and annoying act would easily enquire his anger. During this period, it is wisest to make him laugh, as this will totally subdue his anger. All that apart…Alex is overly rated as a good friend and companion. Though now, it will lie in his ability to keep cool and calm, as he would be facing annoying and nice students from far and wide.
History: Ever since Alex was born, he had lived with his biological parents, Mr. Peter and Lin Anderson in their humble harbored home, a genuine haven, a mansion in the center of Oklahoma, U.S.A. He had always enjoyed his normal life of going to school, coming back home, eating, playing with neighbors and sleeping at the end of it all. This was the homely effect of Oklahoma, that Alex grew in. Life for him had always been exciting and strategically planned by his parents in such a way that he would always confide in them…at least until he found out that he was going to a school in England, Armon Academy, which would build him into a young accomplished at successful president of the Anderson enterprise, he’s dad’s company. This plan had ruined his plans of becoming a soccer star, playing at Arsenal football club in London. His love for his parents, and continuity of the company as being the only child prevented him from running off to football school when he arrived in England. Ever since he listened to their advice, he has been finding out his other talents apart from soccer, and believes that when he becomes accomplished, he would own a football club. Years through his school have not been fancy nor horrible, but the worst part of it was that he would be enrolled this year with his rivals in some competitions he had attended, and might have to face some weird teacher from the Ladies Academy who have a bad attitude towards the male gender, in that case his only joy will be being unnoticed by such teachers…his education continues…
Other: Nothing much…He happens to be an ace footballer and a very bright student; his talents in solving hard puzzles have incredibly raised his IQ. This is shown as he is most times elected to represent his class in such competitions that include debating and other less-stress argumentative issues, as he claims to be able to faint during stressful situations (some excuse!).