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Yesterday i had said that i was going to continue work on my walkthrough. That was until i found this.

Apparently he thought i wouldn't compare are work. I found some parts that were taken from my walkthrough. Heck he didn't even bother to change the font from a part he took from my walkthrough. He didn't even bother to reword the stuff he took. He just took off a few begining sentences and put the rest in.

I'll will revew his walkthrough and find everything he took from my walkthrough.

Hopefully he didn't take move than a few paragraphs.

Due to this happening i have decided to disable right clicking on my site.


I checked his walkthrough. Thanksfully he only took a few paragraphs of info. He didn't even bother to rewrite those parts either.

Half of the part with your brother, the few begining sentences efore you battle blitz, the events with the prof after rescuing him is the stuff he took. Their are a few other things but i can't remember them off the top of my head. Oh and he also took the info on were to find some items in bug forrest as well.