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Yah. i've taken care of the problem of people copying stuff from my site. I've just disabled right clicking.

Anyway i reccomend that you edit this walkthrough some more and give more details.

Such as were do i keep walking to to reach bug forrest? i kept walking in circles and i have yet to reach bug forest.

and were did you find the dirt at? Their is none near the entrance to that route... or am i supposed to walk past the ledges and beat the trainers before i find it?

Also.. were is the 'dude' that is supposted to give me the potion? I know someone is but i don't know were he is located. He is in luster town but it dosent give specific info as to were he is.

You need more details... that you write yourself.

My walkthrough, while slightly hard to understand, has much more details than your walkthrough does.