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    *Sigh* I wasn't interested at first... then I watched more Clannad... and here I am giggling like a school girl as I think up a character...just grabbing a spot for now, i'll be finishing it tonight, after my long day of work

    Name: Heath Grayson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Grade: 11
    Appearance: Heath is a lanky kid, reaching a height of 5'9 and weighing a sparse 135 pounds. He has slightly tanned skin from outdoor activity and a tightly toned body. He doesn't house much body muscle at all but it is clearly evident that he takes care of himself through daily exercise and weight lifting. He has shaggy, short, dirty-blond hair that is rarely combed and shoots off in all different directions although he does pat it down, forming short, side-swoop bangs which cross over his right eye. His eyes are soft and gentle blue eyes which appear lost in thought while he daydreams in class, even while playing his favorite sport, his eyes retain the same kindness. Heath is a very loosely kept person in his clothes, mostly as a reflection of his easy going personality and him being too tired to properly wear his uniform. He wears his uniform pants tight and they tend to almost sag slightly off his waist, held just below his waist by a loose fitting belt. His white uniform dress shirt fits very snug, and is never tucked into his pants, hanging over his waistline. The sleeve cuffs at his wrist are never buttoned and the top button near his collar is also always unbuttoned. Heath rarely wears his uniform blazer. It can most commonly be found in Heath's hand, hanging over his right shoulder, accompanying his small school bag. He wears a black tie to go with his uniform which is also, of course, only half tied, leaving a large loop when he places it around his neck. His shoes are also typical black shoes with a few scuffs on them from kicking soccer balls around in his free time when not wanting to change out of his uniform.

    His casual street wear is quite plain whenever he's out and about. He wears a pair of tightly fit dark blue jeans held just below the waist by a cloth belt just like his uniform. For a shirt, he is seen most often with a black small fitting t-shirt with a slim sleeved long sleeve gray shirt underneath it which hangs down just passed his knuckles. on his feet for shoe apparel, he wears flip flops to let his feet feel the air since they are always locked up in hot sweaty shoes.

    during sports games he obviously wears his soccer jersey which is a gray short sleeve shirt with a collar with black numbers and black shorts with matching black socks and black soccer cleats.

    Personality: Heath is a very easy going person. Actually... easy going might be an understatement. He isn't a fan of any sort of stress or drama. He is a very sociable person and doesn't tend to discriminate on who he speaks with but he does have understood skepticism when approached by someone who isn't quite as well known as he is. Heath is a slightly above average student, mostly high B's, as expected from his family. Heath always speaks with a very low, calm and almost monotone voice which gives him the "oh he's so cool!" aura from most most girls. Like most guys who retain the 'cool guy' persona, he doesn't try to pick up girls and he isn't a flirt which tends to make girls even more attracted to him. This is mostly due to the fact that he's very used to groups of girls showing up after his soccer games. He tends to make friends very easily and has a nice group of friends since he has been attending the academy for a couple years now. He enjoys laughing and joking, but the second someone complains to him about girl troubles or rumors, Heath will instantly dismiss them, saying he doesn't want to hear about it. He also tends to be very impatient when people hold him up from previously made plans.

    History: Heath lead a pretty average life proceeding his high school career aside from his over expecting father. Ever since Heath was very young, around the age of 5, Heath's father has wanted him to pick up where Mr. Grayson couldn't succeed in his life. So he tries to live his dream through his son Heath, pushing him harder and harder to play soccer and be the best that he can and become a star. Heath's mother is the typical sweet stay at home mother, she has always comforted him when his father was being too irrational towards him playing sports. Because of that, Heath tends to not like speaking of his father and tends to only open up to one of his parents, but he always plays hard in order to impress his father. Through the pressure of becoming good, Heath's emotions finally caved in junior high, tossing him into a string of fights which got him kicked from his soccer team for a year. He has since rejoined and worked his reputation back up but the delinquency still seems to follow him wherever he goes.

    Other: obviously, Heath is on the school soccer team. He plays left-forward and is the leading scorer for the academy's team. He will throw a punch if pushed to it but he, under most situations, restrains himself well and chooses to be a pacifist, never provoking a fight.

    Through Dean's parents always supporting the school soccer team, he and Heath became quick friends since they met frequently. The two are great friends and don't have many secrets between the two of them and rarely seen apart.

    Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3