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Moved this to the Other Roleplay Lounge.

Brad; I was still thinking about it, because there's something off about your sign-up that was bothering me. I can't place it though, so in the meantime, you're accepted.

Trainer Kat; Reserved.

N-XIGE; Er... Oh my god? That personality is way too short. Also, making the font smaller doesn't help your sign-up at all, considering it's already really short, and by making the font smaller it makes it look even shorter. Not impressive at all. Lengthen your personality section, and for-go the font decorations please. I'd like to be able to read what you're writing every now and then, even with my glasses off. x_o

Pending, but make sure your next edit is really good, cause you're leaning heavily towards declined.

Kansas?! D:<

Evkay > Kansas! 3 Anyway. Reserved~

David; Reserved.

Update; I'm thinking I might start this Tuesday. Does anyone need more time than that, or what...?