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Gummy; I don't think I've seen you RP before, so I don't know any of your background. I do like your sign-up, even though it's on the short side, I think it has a good quality. Thus, it's not exactly on the most confident basis when I say so, but... Accepted. Can I request an RP sample from you? Just a copy paste will do.

Jack O'Neill; I don't want to cramp your style...

But I'm going to have to cramp your style. D:

You can have all the nifty knives or daggers you want, if your characters are the mafioso-delinquent-type, or a psychopathic-type, (sorry, not many normal people bring weapons to school as far as I know) but I'm going to ask you now to drop any arson you have at the front door. :< Of course, you'll be running into issues too if you're found with a knife, and most likely suspended for awhile, expelled if it happens multiple times. I'm kind of scared of your characters already. Wondering why they would need a gun on campus.....

You can make yourself an ROTC program though, if you want. I'm not sure what they do, but I'm sure you should..? D: *avoids my school's ROTC program like no other* Don't think/know whether they do ROTC in England, but culture mutilation is what we American's excel in. <3

Reserved though~