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    I hate procrastinating, I could have had this done in an hour instead of four.

    Name: Fabian O'Brien

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Grade: 10th

    Appearance: “Vanity is a sin, my boy.” Fabian's father had told him. “But dad, that doesn't count for me because I know I'm beautiful.” Fabian is what you call the classic pretty boy. Long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a body people could only dream of. Indeed he does look like that but what if I told you that his actual appearance wasn't like that at all? What if I told you that the beach blond hair was just dye and that he really had ugly orange hair; that his sapphire eyes were just contacts? If I told you that then I would be telling the truth.
    “Don't be yourself completely, be somethings that people want you to be and you'll make more friends.” That is what Fabian's sister told him. She was one of the most popular girls at the Ladies Finishing School, so Fabian took her advise and got a makeover. Now girls die to be with him. His dyed blond hair comes down to about neck length and covers half of his ears. His true eye color is a muddy shade of brown, but thanks to modern technology he can change that with a simple device called contacts. His perfect body is complimentary because of his workouts every Sunday. He stands at about average height of 5”7'.
    He dresses in uniform, obviously, but with the jacket open. His tie is usually not tightened all the way making the knot lay somewhere near his chest. He only owns one tie so he wears it always, it is a black, yellow and red with graffiti letters spelling the word German. Though he lives in America, he has always desired to prosper in Germany with his grandfather. On weekends he could give a rats ass about what he looks like and tends to wear sweatpants with a matching hoody.

    Personality: Fabian is kind, funny and most importantly perverted. He is also very vain, though he doesn't show it, because no one, and I repeat no one, likes vanity. His jokes differ from person to person so he can suit everyone's taste in comedy. Despite that, his since of humor tends to lean toward sarcastic and weird. He is very much a procrastinator. Not doing his homework and asking the girl that sits next to him has become part of his daily schedule. Fabian is compulsive about things being just the way he wants them. Too bad he has to be likable, because suppressing urges to perfect is harder than it seems.

    History: ~Optional~