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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Gummy; I don't think I've seen you RP before, so I don't know any of your background. I do like your sign-up, even though it's on the short side, I think it has a good quality. Thus, it's not exactly on the most confident basis when I say so, but... Accepted. Can I request an RP sample from you? Just a copy paste will do.
Heh, I'm not suprised you haven't seen me before. This is probably my... fifth time RPing? But I do write a lot of fanfics, which can't be too different from RPing... right?

My introduction post to Shadowfaith's School of Draconia.

Originally Posted by Gummy View Post
On the far end of the grand table, a silver-haired elf was lost in her own little world as the Headmaster proceeded in calling out names. Fastened in her tan, petite hand was a circular mirror, and in the other, a red lipstick capsule. She carefully smeared the makeup on her luscious lips as the sound of random names rang in her head. After retrieving a comb from her pocket and fixing the bangs that nearly shielded her eyes, she playfully blew a kiss at the gorgeous face in the mirror, and at least half the males around her let out an unmanly squeal, no matter the race. Chloe smiled and flirtatiously stroked her long hair.

“Oh give it a rest!” insisted a female voice from her lap. A tan lizard looked up at the elf’s azure eyes and let out a disturbing grunt. To those seated around her, it sounded as if the young girl had a bit of gas.

“Okay, okay, just don’t do that again!” Chloe quickly replied.

With nothing else to do, the proud elf finally turned her head to the podium, just in time to see an odd young man step down and walk toward the Orochis. Chloe shuddered at the site of his bird-like physique and clasped her hand around Gaia, her dragon, tightly. The reptile freed itself from the sweaty prison and climbed a top Chloe’s shoulder. Many surrounding students jumped back at the dragon’s sudden appearance.

“Clytemnestra Althea!” shouted a voice back at the podium. It took the elf a few seconds to recognize that they were calling her up. She was so used to people simply calling her Chloe. Taking her sweet time, Chloe cautiously got out of her seat, revealing her pure white sneakers. Her extremely short, plaid skirt made her look like a school girl, while her tightly fit, short-sleeved, white shirt reminded all the boys that she was well on her way to maturity. The pointed ears projecting from the sides of her head made it obvious to everyone what her race was. Upon approaching the podium, Chloe quickly checked her mirror again to see if she still looked good.

“Ahem... are you finished Ms. Althea?” grumbled the Headmaster. There was a discrete change in his tone as he grew angry with the disrespectful teen. Whispers filled the room, many of which stating Chloe was a shoe-in for the Orochi house. However, to everyone’s surprise, a collection of violet and blue particles disrupted her vision. A wise-looking, navy blue dragon appeared before her and examined the fragile creature before him. With a slow nod, the dragon slowly faded away and a thunderous applause from the Nighogg table followed.

“Smart AND beautiful? These chumps can’t compete!” Chloe thought confidently to herself.

The elf eventually found a seat opposite a boy with sickly green hair. He barely seemed interested in the ceremony and Chloe was pleased that she found someone who had something in common with her. Hardly shy, the teen knocked loudly on the table to get the boy’s attention.

“Hey, I’m Chloe! Have you been having as good of a day as me? Wait... of course you are! I mean, someone like ME is talking to you! Now, don’t you feel special?”

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