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    So basically I'm going to make a sprite pack featuring Super Mario characters (And for Sonic Fans, I've also got something for you too!) for those who want to add something "different" to your hacks.
    So heres what I got so far. I'm still thinking on the Paper Mario Pack since there really aren't that many back sprites for those characters.

    Yoshi Pack v1 - 100%
    -Red Yoshi
    -Blue Yoshi
    -Green Yoshi
    -Black Yoshi
    -Orange Yoshi

    Goomba + Koopa Troopa Pack - 100%
    -Goomba (regular)
    -Gritty Goomba
    -Koopa Troopa (MLSS Style)
    -Koopa Troopa (Classic)
    -Para Troopa
    -Para Troopea

    Misc. Character's Pack- 100%
    -Bob Omb
    -Dry Bones
    -Dull Bones
    -Hammer Bro
    -Kamek (Flying\Broom)
    -Petey Piranha
    -Piranha Plant
    -Normal Shyguy
    -Stilt Guy
    -Fly Guy
    -Medi Guy

    Bowser, Mario, Luigi Pack - 100%

    Baby Bowser- 2 Front Poses
    Bowser - 4 Front Poses
    King Wart
    Peach - 2 Front Poses ( Sorry for the Brown Outline, Pallete Problems...)
    Caped Mario
    Doctor Mario
    Regular Mario
    Rabbit Mario
    Tanooki Mario

    SONIC PACK - 100%

    -Sonic (Sonic CD)
    -Sonic (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
    -Sonic (Sonic Battle)
    -Sonic (Sonic Advance 3)
    -Super Sonic (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
    -Super Sonic (Sonic Advance 3)
    -Tails (Sonic 3)
    -Tails (Sonic Advance 3)
    -Tails (Sonic Battle)
    -Knuckles (Sonic 3)
    -Knuckles (Sonic Advance 3)
    -Knuckles (Sonic Battle)
    -Shadow (Sonic Battle)
    -Amy (Sonic Battle)
    -Amy (Sonic Advance 3) (Front Only)
    -Cream (Sonic Advance 3) (2 Poses)
    -Bean the Dynamite (2 Poses)
    -Mighty the Armadillo
    -Espio the Chameleon

    Paper Mario Pack - ?????

    Give cred to me if used.

    Also taking a few requests.

    Leave any comments\ suggestions.

    Sprite Credits.
    These are credits for certain sprites which I could not rip.

    Pirahna Plant - Classic Jack

    Petey Pirahna - Shadow

    Boo - BooMansion

    Dull\Dry Bones
    Shy Guys- Parakoopa

    Wart- Tonberry2k

    Tanooki Mario - Zach Zin Furr

    Rabbit Mario - Shift.

    Bean the Dynamite - Omega, Spirit Trooper.

    Mighty the Armadillo - Greg the Lion

    Espio - Zach Zin Furr
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