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    Name: Rosetta Conrads

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Grade: Freshman

    Appearance: (Where to begin!?) Rosetta has black hair that hangs down to about her waist. She often pulls her hair back in a sky blue barette with a designer label imprinted on it. The bottom of her hair is in natural soft ringlets, and it bounces slightly when she walks. The front of her hair is cut in bangs, all of them one length over her light brown eyes. She is very pale due to her lack of going outside (besides to walk around the academy's campus). Her high cheekbones give her an elegant and dignified look, and she wears little makeup, believing in natural beauty. Rosetta is under average weight as well as height, (82lbs, 4'9") but she never thought of it as a problem. She wears silver wire glasses while she is reading, which makes her brown eyes stand out from her pale face even more. She wears a unifrom with the knee length skirt and the grey ribbon, but when the uniform is not required to be worn, she wears simple sun-dresses with floral patterns on them.

    Personality: Rosetta is a stern and strong, but has trouble making new friends. In fact, she considers books her "best friends." She rarely talks besides to answer a question assigned by a teacher. Rosetta takes any jokes told to her quite literally and is one of those people who lacks socially, but makes up for it in brains. She whispers to herself often, to remind herself to do things, but has a strong and loud voice. She is offended by boys believing they are superior to girls and being called nicknames that have to do with her intelligence. Rosetta is a very bitter person; she rarely lets people get close to her, due to the death of her home school teacher. Deep down, she has a fear that this will happen to anyone that she ever gets close too. Therefore, she is generally not the most friendly person. She can be friendly, though, and she is also very academically helpful to students around her that are having trouble in the same subjects that she is taking.

    History: Rosetta is an only child, and therefore, was spoiled rotten. Her mother died when she was born, and her Dad remarried immediately and hoped that Rosetta would accept the stepmom as her real mother instead. When she was twelve, she found that the stepmom was not her real mother, and was enraged at her Father. They haven't talked since, besides minor small talk. Being homeschooled until sent to the Academy, she is extremely intelligent. She was brought up on Charles Dickens as well as other classics, and is able to quote a few by heart. Rosettas home school teacher died in the past few years, leaving Rosetta with a horrible saddness. Despite this blow, Rosetta continued to learn, her stepmom being her teacher. Rosetta did not participate in the learning with the stepmom- she only listened. This enraged the stepmom, who talked her father into sending her to the Academy.

    Other: She is horribly allergic to poison ivy and peanut butter.
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