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    Originally Posted by Jack of Bl♠des View Post
    I believe there is a hack or two around here like that, but go for it. I was making something similar to that (albeit with different concepts), but there is one thing I warn you about on the enormity of such a task:

    You'll have to make a crapload of sprites.

    You'll have to make battle sprites for just about every character, as well as overworld sprites (and you'll have to do ones from every action, from walking, standing still, running, using pokeballs, biking, etc.). However, you'd probably do best to take care of that near the end of the hack.
    yeh it'll be hard, i'm not looking for a team because i'm only just learning the basics of hacking. I can't een script yet, all i've learn't is how to use advance map (bar the using aditional parts like pokescript)

    It won't be something i'll be racing to complete as i havn't got much time on my hands; School and everythings wearing me out. Maybe it's time for me to retire for education, i mean im already 13 and i koinw how to read write and do maths...

    Anyway thanks for the advice.