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    Yes, there Is a Pokémon Diamond--which is Why I requested that no one ask me to change the name. O/D was the name of my fangame WAAAY before D/P was a gleam in Nintendo's eye. :p

    Yes, Mew's getting slightly nerfed, simply for the fact that he's obtainable in the main storyline. I beleive Celebi could also learn every TM, and as it's unobtainable, that's its right. Mew's power and TM versatility is slightly decreased to make his usage a bit more fair.

    Besides, thinking realistically, would you FLY or SURF on the back of a skinny pink cat no larger than a child's backpack? I doubt it.

    More story/gameplay elements to come. Keep 'em comin'.

    I haven't been on in a few years but I AM still alive! Working on a new fangame project slowly but surely.
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