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    If I could I would like to make a few requests.
    #1. Hammer Bros
    #2. Piranah Plant
    #3. Petey The Piranah
    #4. Lakitu(and little spikey balls they throw)
    #5. Kamik Koopa(little purple Koopa Witch with Bowser)
    #6. Dry & Dull Bones
    #7. Bob-ombs
    #8. Birdo
    #9. Boo & King Boo
    #11. Shy Guys(all kinds)
    Just a question, are any of those in the misc. pack?
    If you could do those I would greatly appriaciate it!
    P.S. What ROM are yuo using, I may be able to do them myself so you don't have to.
    --I'm a creepin'..
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