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I am overall impressed by the screens. The graphics are a nice refresh from most of the other fangames' FR/LG ones. The palette may feel a little too washed out, though. Also, I don't think heavy dithering was the best choice for the female's hair (back battle sprite). Try just solid transitioning, though show hair detail, with slight dithering. The Pokémon, though not the best ideas, are sprited really well.

The mythology of the Shika region is a nice touch, also. It adds much depth and background information. The storyline has been used times before, though (And it has already been mentioned. Sorry for saying it again), but it is still better then the "go get a Pokémon and beat the bad guys" storyline.

Now, the systems look really good, also. The Quick Pokémon Check system should be a useful feature. It is also great to see the phone return.

Overall, this game looks like it should be worth the watch, and keep up the good work.


For the Professor Maple sprite, it looks great, though the hair needs a bit touched up. It could use a bit more detail, and not to be partially pillow-shaded. She would also look a bit better if she had a Pokéball in her out-stretched hand.
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