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    Thank you. I specifically remember reading about the Indigo League being more like a knockout tournament (which also added game-scenes to portray the pokemon on the big screes in the arena--an uber cool function), but the Adventures series also portrayed the Elite Four as an extension of Team Rocket.

    This ensures that a trainer can't just blaze through the tournament. They can fight three trianers at first, yes, that are mid-level, just around the same zone as those on Victory Road.

    However, after the story/save break, the skill level jumps up as tougher trainers at about the player's level (where the player SHOULD be, anyway) take the arena, including the rival of the gender you DIDN'T choose.

    Finally, the Elite Four are truly that, testing your battle abilities tot he fullest until the final story break between them and your final challenge--a higher-level CHAMPION that is your prime rival throughout the game. I remember how tough Gary was in the RBYG era, and I wanted that.

    This way, neither the tournament aspect of the League, nor the Four, are forgotten.

    NOTE--I'm looking for a custom set of the GSC-era female trainer. I found one before, but lost it with the death of my old computer. If someone could point it out to me, I'd be eternally grateful. I would prefer a version similar to Marnic's silver (pictured above), featuring the gender selection, battle, AND overworld sprites. Thanks!

    I haven't been on in a few years but I AM still alive! Working on a new fangame project slowly but surely.
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