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Hello, here's the idea I thought up.

Title: Pokemon SovietRed
Hack of: FireRed

Story: Ten years ago, the Soviet Union invaded and conquered the region of Kanto. The Elite Four were wiped out and the Pokemon Gym League was disbanded. While possession of Pokemon is not banned, it is restricted (especially evolution) and the days of preteens roaming the land on Pokemon journeys have ended. Communication has nearly ceased entirely between Kanto and the other regions. After a decade, the major cities are pacified, with Pokemon contests having replaced battling. There is still a large (illegal) Pokemon battling component in the ‘rural’ areas.

Now, it is your 17th birthday. Your father, a professor in Vermillion City, has kept you from many of the Soviet occupation programs by needing you around the lab. Now, he offers you your own Pokemon (considering Vulpix, Pikachu, and Clefairy/Jigglypuff) and tells you to leave the city and see the world while you can, using the Pokedex as cover.

The early part of the game will be ‘sidequests’, until you begin to uncover an underground resistance movement. The sidequests (for lack of a better term), will increasingly begin to focus on your aiding the resistance, until eventually they trust you enough to bring you to their homebase – the Sevii Islands, where you can obtain evolutionary stones and prepare for the outright assault on the Soviet occupation centers.

‘Rival’: Your twin (Red or Leaf, depends on the player’s choice for themselves), a friendly rival, and the one who introduces you to the earliest resistance sidequests. Possibly captured in late game, requiring you to rescue them.

Evil Team: Soviets. Mostly Fire and Steel-type users.

Map: Kanto, with edits. Some based on the future Kanto of GSC, some from a decade of occupation. Some sprite changes, especially to Gyms.

Pokemon: No fan-created. Largely the original Pokemon from Kanto, but the Soviets will have Pokemon from other regions. All Pokemon won’t be catchable. No legendaries until after the game’s story is completed, if then. Considering changing evolution requirements so that most/all Pokemon need elemental stones to evolve.