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Originally Posted by crusader View Post
yes that dose seem a lot but a mmorpg is a big job and im a director and ill pot it all together.

thx for the advice i will try that
I have a few comments on this. (We get this kind of thing all the time)

1. "Directors" don't get anybody's help. That's because people here only work with you, not under you.

2. Decide on something you can do for the game, other than direct it. For example, an easy one, once you get used to RMXP, would be to be an eventor.

3. If you don't do anything other than lead, you don't get anyone who's willing to let you lead them.

4. "pot"ting it all together won't get anyone's help either. You've got to do something significant.

5. In short, you've got to do some work yourself, or it'll never get off the ground.

(If you think I'm trying to dis you, or being rude, I could have been much ruder. All I'm trying to do is give you some extremely useful advice for game building)

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