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*Twitch* One post a month?

Lawl, I think even I can manage that much. xD Seriously, it looks like standard in mili is to have every weekend off for sheer lack of maintenance money (bless those fund-cutting politicians' money-grubbing little hearts <3) and I doubt that I'm unlucky enough to get struck by weekend watch duty twice during my six-month service period, so yeah, I should manage once a month. Heck, probably more, depends on my writing mood. Business as usual for CARD GAMES, then? xD

Seriously, I could take a stab at keeping this going if you can stand the slow pace, because RPs revolving around children's card games are very special, yes they are. Especially this RP. :3

Oh, and it's that time of the month again. Goodbye Call of the Haunted and yay for Monster Reborn being legal for play again.
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