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    *sigh* It looks like this is going to be a trio...

    I guess if Syn's not going to be posting... then what do we do about her two legendaries? Maybe Team Nova should just dismiss those two Pokemon as hallucinations or myths, and pretend they never existed?

    Yes, I think I'll reassign Lupin to Isix, since two of his Pokemon have already spotted her. So... Let's see, Brad's after Darthpsych (and/or Gryphice), Danna's after Polargent... The only other legendary available that I did not create is Apocalydraggon, who I know Team Nova hasn't spotted yet. So the only other legendaries are ones I've created. Gee, that will be weird--my character going after my own legendary... unless you want to reassign Lupin to Darthpsych instead.

    Let's see, if nobody else posts, then that means only three people are in Team Nova: a leader and two elite admins. Maybe at some point I'll create some grunts as NPC's...

    Brad, I think in my last post I had one of my Alakazams talk to Darthpsych, and I had Auroracle find Polargent. Maybe you could include your legendaries in a post in the future...?
    (This was the reason why I didn't do anything about Auroracle in my most recent post.)

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