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Well, I'm not looking for Pokémon designers, as I already have four, including myself.
Besides, I already have evolutions of most of the Pokémon you mentioned designed and drawn .


I've decided it's time to reveal the starter Pokémon!

Dipleaf, the Seed Dino Pokémon. It stays out in the sun for as long as it can, as it gets its energy from the sun's rays.

Charcub, the Young Bear Pokémon. It is a cute, lovable creature. However, hugging it may have burning consequences.

Axolitl, the Amphibian Pokémon. It swims swiftly in water, its normal habitat. However, it cannot move as swiftly on land with its stubby legs.

And another animation, this time of the starter selection scene (again, large file size, but not quite as large )

So, what do you think?

Update 2:
I made another, better title sequence animation.