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A few weeks ago, I found my old Gold game and found an old gba (1st gen) and started re-playing it. They're nowhere near the level I need them to fight against Red and his monsterously high level Pokes but they somehow managed to clear the E4 and only one of them was over level 40 XD

Pidgeot (F) ~ Desiree - Lvl 45
Umbreon (F) ~ Luna - Lvl 45
Heracross (F) ~ SPARTAAAAA - Lvl 46 (managed to counter Lance's Gyarados's hyperbeam with just 2 hp to spare. When it played in my mind, it looked so epic!)
Ampharos (M) ~ Beux - Lvl 47
Typhlosion (M) ~ Lazlo - Lvl 47
Quagsire (M) ~ Buddy - Lvl 49 (my main powerhouse and physical wall. I just love him.)

My latest victory was over Blue. I'd train at Mt.Silver but all the pokes there are waaaay to much for me XD
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Mar the level 62 Venusaur!
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