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    I'd like to give a quick update:

    It isn't a screenshot or new feature, but I'd like everyone to welcome Yuoaman to the team as our Lead Mapper. He's a great asset to the team and I extremely enjoy his work as I know all of you will. We will soon have an update coming with a great set of Screenies for your greedy eyes, plus a lot of new features to think about!

    Thanks a lot for all the comments, guys! I appreciate the support! It really puts a smile on my face that people are enjoying the work being put into this!

    Also, MegaMudkip! Thanks for the help, what do you suggest be done to the lab?


    Imagine if someone Sprited that trainer pic in my Trainer Card? Gawd dayum...that'd be magnificent. Talk about a hardcore Main Character in a Pokemon Game. Haha! PM me if you you're interested in trying or already have sprited that Trainer pic...I want to use a character like that for my game's main character!
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