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Ah, so you had Apocalydraggon grab Qingrila, eh? Hmm, this means either you weren't paying attention to Qingrila's previous actions, or you're curious about Qingrila's other form. I'm hoping it's the latter.

What? How come Lupin only gets one Pokemon, and Danna and Brad get to catch three? This means Lupin will have to catch Apocalydraggon as well! Just kidding--focusing on Darthpsych is fine.

Okay Brad, good, you posted about Darthpsych and Apocalydraggon and Pol... Wait, what about Polargent? Oh well, I guess I'll do something with Polargent in my next post.

About Auroracle... I said she hasn't been discovered by Team Nova yet, so... Oh well, I'll fix that in my next post. She'll be discovered by then.

Hmm... now how did Negatov find Isix after Circe teleported her a couple different places? Oh well, at least Brad will now encounter two of Lupin's Pokemon in the cavern as well. Wait... never mind--they're on his side anyway.

I'll post my post either tonight or around noon tomorrow.

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