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    HACK OF THE WEEK - Season 1 ENDED!

    We'll try to get this to be more organized this time, so, we'll start this thread for all the weekly votings (instead of making one each week, which'd annoy everyone... XD)

    The idea will be to start the weekly voting on the first hours of Sundays and finish'em on the last hours of Saturdays

    Alright, as always, the first thing are the rules...

    RULES :
    1. A hack can only win the HotW once. Obvious rule.
    2. In order to prevent any possible kind of manipulation, only votes from users with more than 30 posts will be accepted.
    3. Voters MUST include a reason for their vote. Think about it carefully: What do you like about that game? Put some thought on it and dont just say "because it's good". Dont worry about not being original, just express your thoughts in your own way.
    4. You must only vote for the hacks in the list of elegible hacks. These hacks are those whose topics were created in the Hacks Showcase at most 31 days ago (as old as Oct,23th inclusive), or the ones who have chosen to use its "second chance", or the ones that were in the Scrapbox and meet the following requeriments:
    *its topic must have been started more than 31 days ago (Oct,23th inclusive) but it must not be older than 62 days (Sep,22th inclusive)
    *the thread must be in the first four pages of the Scrapbox
    *it must be marked as a "hot" thread (that's gotten after receiving lots of views)
    *it should contain at least some in-game images through its thread, we are not voting for ideas, but for hacks in overall

    5. If the hack's thread is closed by the time I run a search for the valid hacks, then it wont be considered elegible for the current week.
    6. Once the list of elegible hacks is made, it wont be changed during the week. Meaning if new threads are created, moved from the Scrapbox, or closed, the list wont change (but it will do in the next week). Just what's present on the first hours of Sunday is what counts.
    7. Hacks which havent made it into the HotW due the 31 days rule can participate in the "second chance" one time. If you are interested, keep reading further.

    The idea is that the hacks whose topics are older than 31 days can enter a "second chance" in the votings. This will give your hack a whole month of possible nominations (four consecutive votings).
    Basically, your hack must meet the following requirements:

    -It mustnt have won the HotW previously, lol
    -Its thread must be older than 31 days (couting from the date the thread has been started)
    -Its thread must be active in the Hacks Showcase (if it hasnt received a post in more than a month, then it cannot participate)
    -It must not have used its "second chance" some other time
    -It must not be one of the 10 hacks which have reached the finals in the HotY for the last year (else it'd be unfair to the 31 days hacks, I'm sure any of those 10 would win over the newer ones)

    If your hack meets those requirements, just send me a PM on the last days of the current month/first days of the next one, and that way it'll start participating in the next month's four votings. Sending me PMs on the middle of a month will surely make me forget about them. That's why I'll add the second chance hacks only at the first Sunday of the new month. Dont worry, because I'll mention when you could send me PMs about participating in the second chance after the month's last voting finishes. Just check that out.
    If you have doubts, just PM me and we'll check if it can use the second chance.

    And that way, while the 31 days rule is a kinda automatic thing, the second chance leaves the rom hacker the option/responsability of picking when to participate. Be wise, as I wont tell who'll be using their second chance till the list is made. Be confident or make sure you'll be showing good stuff on that month, you can always wait to use it, if you want. It's up to you.

    in alphabetical order

    ---There are no candidates as Season 1 has ended, look for a new HotW thread---

    Example of a VALID vote:

    "I Vote For: Secrets and Rumors
    Why: This hack can really take advantage of the crazy theories we had as kids, and make them come to life. I think this is a very good idea, and should have been done a long time ago."

    Questions about the Elegible hacks? You know you can PM me about that


    Week No.01 - Pokémon Secrets and Rumors, by Skeetendo - Hack of
    Week No.02 - Pokémon Omega, by Xiros - Hack of
    Week No.03 - Pokémon Mitic Island, by Alexmad, Samee & Lex - Hack of
    Week No.04 - Pokémon Never B&W, by ҳ̸ҲRichie (also known as SkOria at SP forums) - Hack of
    Week No.05 - Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Rescue Rangers, by Time - Hack of
    Week No.06 - Pokémon Waterfall, by Pachel - Hack of
    Week No.07 - Pokémon Flame of Rage, by X-Buster (and Rom Reaverz Hacking Team) - Hack of
    Week No.08 - Pokémon Silver Current, by TSK - Hack of
    Week No.09 - Pokémon Mystic Plan, by D a n i e l - Hack of
    Week No.10 - Pokémon Hunting Mew, by Aquila - Hack of
    Week No.11 - Pokémon Shattered Dreams, by Quilava's Master - Hack of
    Week No.12 - Pokémon: Pikachu's Tale, by Woofer - Hack of
    Week No.13 - Pokémon Destiny, by One Winged Angel - Hack of
    Week No.14 - Pokémon Clear Diamond, by Synyster_Zeikku - Hack of
    Week No.15 - Pokémon Mewtwo Strikes Back, by Meowth - Hack of
    Week No.16 - Pokémon Legend of Fenju, by Neti - Hack of
    Week No.17 - Pokémon Herbal, by Edo - Hack of
    Week No.18 - Pokémon Underground Adventures, by hockeypanda32 - Hack of
    Week No.19 - Pokémon: Awakened Legends, by Melash - Hack of
    Week No.20(Tie) - Pokémon Johto Histories, by Ozumas - Hack of
    Week No.20(Tie) - Pokémon King of Sea, by >Dante< - Hack of
    Week No.21 - Pokémon (Old) White, by foullump - Hack of
    Week No.22(Tie) - Pokémon Ever Night, by Lucario 9 - Hack of
    Week No.22(Tie) - Pokémon Legends of Destiny, by Tony™ - Hack of
    Week No.22(Tie) - Pokémon Neon, by Kevin33193 - Hack of
    Week No.23 - Pokémon SkyIslands, by Makü - Hack of
    Week No.24 - Pokémon Tree of Peace, by Kawaii, Inc. - Hack of
    Week No.25 - Pokémon White Isle, by Lucario 9 - Hack of
    Week No.26 - Pokémon Lost Treasure, by Makü - Hack of
    Week No.27 - Pokémon Blizzard, by Wind~ - Hack of
    Week No.28 - Pokémon: Ash's Quest, by ice_nine - Hack of
    Week No.29 - Pokémon Emerald: Road to a Star, by Shen - Hack of
    Week No.30 - Pokémon Azure Horizons, by Frostbite - Hack of
    Week No.31 - Pokémon Distant, by Disturbed - Hack of
    Week No.32 - Pokémon Snowstorm, by Lucario 9 - Hack of
    Week No.33 - Pokémon Breakdown!, by Satoshi Sugimori - Hack of
    Week No.34 - Pokémon: Ruby Dagger Murders, by... Britney Spears - Hack of
    Week No.35 - Pokémon Twilight: Road to Dreams, by Kaizer-X - Hack of
    Week No.36 - Pokémon Keyra, by eing15 - Hack of
    Week No.37 - Pokémon Thunder Emblem, by mitchel1 - Hack of
    Week No.38 - Pokémon Congbu, by Satoshi Sugimori - Hack of
    Week No.39 - Pokémon DarkRed, by Infernal Contraption/Esmas - Hack of
    Week No.40(Tie) - The Dawn of Pokémon, by Dratii - Hack of
    Week No.40(Tie) - Pokémon Light Platinum, by Wesley FG - Hack of