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    @G.K.S. , Sparkz. , Zuaro,rsr13 and JvG : thnx ^^

    @Zel: thnx and about that screen with the trees and the lake i don't have have the tile for it to do the other side of the tree (so what i meen is i can't complete the tree by the water :S beacause i CAN'T inport tiles :( if i inport them the tileset will glitch and also the game :S

    @SSK=lucariofan: there will be totally new gymleaders who has new other types pokemon
    example: Gymleader 1 Dr.Willy pokemon types normal (the fisrt leader this one can be fond in the 2e city)]

    @Green Charizard: i'll try to complete the map ;) with that overlap tiles in Glow Shire City (what you have showed in the screen) and thnx ^^

    @Teh Baro: own opinion he ;) and thnx ^^

    I've maked some new screens ;)
    Willsum City pokegym gymleader number 4

    hmm... what does lance doing there?
    You must find out i'll not telling you that :P

    the building script in Willsum city

    Reborn plains

    and i got a question can someon tell me how i can fix this? (look what is red circeld i can't fix it because it's out of the maps:S)

    in advance thanks ;)
    (Sorry btw. if my english not so good)
    cya people

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