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Hack Name

Hack Of
POKéMON Ruby U.S. Version


This will be the second version of Ruby Destiny. However, unlike the first version, which was Reign of Legends, where I only did almost all the stuff solo, this time, I wanna have a hack team to help me. So, my team and I introduces to you, POKéMON Ruby Destiny - Rescue Rangers!

You're just a simple and average kid living in the real world. The day has come, yes! It's your 12th birthday. To celebrate it, you invited 4 of your friends who, like you, loves POKéMON as well. But then, when you were about to begin, a strange aura came in the room and made you loose your consciousness.
Once you woke up, you found yourself deep in the forest which you aren't familiar with, and then you heard strange cries of animals. You checked it out and to your surprise, you found a Torchic and a Chikorita for real, or, they found you.
A dream come true, or a nightmare? They told you that you're a POKéMON as well, a Pikachu! Shocked and confused, they offered you to join their Rescue Team. Having nowhere else to go, you agreed. And so your journey, as a new being, begins.

Story Chapters

Play as a PIKACHU
Rescue Other PKMN Who Needs Help
Chikorita And Torchic Will Be Your Partner
The Three Main Characters(Pikachu, Torchic, Chikorita) Won't Evolve
Heal With Nature; Healing Berries And Healing Plants
New Tiles
New Scripts
New Overworlds
No Catching Items

Screenshots and Videos

Scripter, Mapper, OverWorld Editor, OverWorld Ripper
Spriter, Tiler
Graphic Editor
Benevolent Wings
Spriter, Sprite Shrinker, Main Alpha Tester, Graphic Editor
Beta Tester, President of the FanClub
Main Beta Tester
Beta Tester

Hacking Tool Creators - Awesome Hacking Tools
thethethethe - Script Help, Script Tutorial
Xiros - Script Help
Fire Flame - Pidgey Overworld Sprite
WAH - Cactus & Tree Tiles
Ozumas - Mountain Tiles
TotoMud - POKéMON OverWorlds
~Daisuke~ - Devihell Overworld
Samson - Amorswan Sprite
Mystery_Dungeon - Dratini Overworld Sprites
EternalLight - Gardevoir Overworld Sprite
Desperate Milotic - Mystery Dungeon Box & TM Disc Overworld Sprites
Mr. C - Celebi & Steelix Overworld Sprites
amyrosesweetie - Bellosom OverWorld Sprites
Danskeren - Cyndaquil Overworld Sprites
Sythes - Totodile Overworld Sprites
emocresselia - Felinar Sprite
Wichu - Giratina's True Form Reference Sprite
revenge101 - Sprinephy Reference Sprite
Forgotten Memory - Shaymin's Sky Form Reference Sprite & Website Hosting
WraithPhantom73 - Shaymin's Sky Form Sprite
Crossel - Shaymin Sky Forme Backsprite

Bugs And Glitches
Fixed Minor Deadly
1. Seen the video? If you have, then don't choose 'No'...
2. Torchic's OverWorld in the third mission is a tree...
3. Some text error/typo...
4. After reaching Garden Field from Veronica Town, save your game, for there's a script which doesn't work properly...
5. Heading towards Mt. Krystal again will cause the Angeallen script again...
6. Heading to Vapid Swamp will trap you there...
7. Do not lose to Regirock...
8. Do not lose to either Rayquaza and Angeallen in Mt. Krystal...
9. Don't lose to Aquadine...
10. Losing to any battles inside the Tower of Fate will cause some major glitches for unknown reasons...



by ~ShadowUmbreon~

by ~ShadowUmbreon~

by jouruichi

by Barker

by Forgotten Memory

by mistersmeargle

by Kip

by Kip

Ending Message
Well, the reason for me to do this hack with my team is to create an enjoyable hack for you all. Knowing that there are lots of other excellent hacks around, I only wish to hack for fun, and not to compete with anyone here on the forum. Though we can't guarantee a perfect hack with no errors, I just hope you find this one a worthwhile ROM-hack to play.

Before playing the hack, be sure to read the rules on how to apply patches, and make sure that your Ruby ROM has the MUGS intro, as what you can see inside the spoiler in the screenshots.

If you found some bugs or errors in the game, please post them in the thread entitled POKéMON Ruby Destiny Help Thread located in the Scrapbox.

If you wish to post some feedback about this hack, please remember to read the rules, the POKéCommunity Global rules and as well as the Hack Showcase rules.

Also, always remember to have fun while playing the hack game.

POKéMON Ruby Destiny - Rescue Rangers Final Version 1.84