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rijonAdventures official website:
rijonAdventures project developed by Haruki Hanai and coordinated by Coolboyman.
So, it's that time for a new update! The website just received a fresh new update, and so should give this one a fresh coat of paint. (If you haven't checked rijonWorld already, check it out - it's got new information for Prism!)

You can also check out older information about rijonAdventures in these older threads: check these out - the thread before this one, the old thread before the just-mentioned one or the first thread.

What is rijonAdventures? What the hack is about.

rijonAdventures is quite basically a Pokémon FireRed ROM hack. It's the game that represents my personal hobby of ROM hacking, and is a project I took up quite long ago after Coolboyman needed to offload his projects. He supervises the work I do on rijonAdventures. Want more information on the game? Click on the links below!

Thread table of contentsFeatures, Pokémon information, maps, events, etc.

Sorted by most recent feature. New content will be listed and linked to in this thread! Click a link to view information on the section.
2009 beta
January 12th 2009
rijonAdventures X [Unofficial release]
Unofficial post by Disturbed - January 3rd 2009
Merson Cave VERSION UP.
December 28th 2008
Merry Christmas!
December 25th 2008
The Elite Four's Nina appears!
Originally posted at the rijonAdventures website on November 20th 2008
Definite while
Originally posted at the rijonAdventures website on August 31st 2008
May 31st 2008
April 27th 2008
Azalea Town [teaser]
April 25th 2008
Decisions, decisions...
April 21st 2008
Elite Four Marisa
April 9th 2008
Gym Leader Scott
April 2nd 2008
Merson City Hot Springs
March 15th 2008
Pokémon Mart stock
March 28th 2008
Merson City Hot Springs
March 15th 2008
Beta testing program closed
March 13th 2008
The story
March 13th 2008

Public version download Latest public version here.

Download beta (2008)

Please check the downloads page on the rijonAdventures official site for up-to-date information on releases.

Christmas 2008 Beta release notes
The game finishes after the Elite Four campaign. It introduces many new areas to check out (and they will be almost the same as the final version, hence why this is a "beta" release). I recommend that, so people can enjoy this new beta a lot, that you DON'T transfer your save files over if you've played a previous alpha or beta. If you do transfer your save file, you'll notice that all of the Rijon region is unlocked. Goldenrod City is incomplete in this release, however.

If you want to give this a shot, check for bugs and glaring errors and report them in this thread if you'd like.

Screenshots Frequently updated!

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