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Originally Posted by ~ShadowUmbreon~ View Post
Yo DJG! Your hacck finally got into the show case! Good Luck! Oh and I got first post.
Lucky you to be the first one to post!
Anyways, yeah, I'm glad it's up...
That means we'll be working harder to give everyone a nice hack.

Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
this hack is defintiely reminiscent of that of mystery dungeon. Im not really a fan of that kind of game, but im still very much looking forward to this one. the overworld is good, and...what is with that zelda-esque (or is it not, or wat?) room in the third last screenie lol ? anyway gd luck to the team on this hack!
Thanks and I don't get you with your comment about the third-to-the-last screeny... :\
I ain't no Zelda fan, though.., but thanks.
Also, this ain't no remake of Mystery DUngeon, but it's like those games.

Originally Posted by CheesePeow View Post
Congratulations on getting it up .
It looks good so far, The best thing I liked about it were the three Pokemon?
I don't know how you did it, (wouldn't the palettes be too small for three pokemon)?

I also recommend changing the tree, maybe using one of the threes from Fr or Emerald.
I'll see if I can find it for you, it looks farely similiar, and would do a good job.
I'll have it up in a few minutes.

Here ya go!, I think it's from emerald, not too sure.
Er, well, thanks, but I spent 5 days just to work on one tree tile.., so I think I'll be keeping the old tree.
Thanks anyways.

Originally Posted by Benevolent Wings View Post
.....I never thought you would include meh in the team when I helped you. Oh well. Nice outcome...(even though I see you hack EVERYDAY...). Still good luck. You'll need it.

Anyways, everything seems to be ok...for now.
I will be expecting some of your "demands" in making you some sprites. Well....,

Au Revoir...
Ahahah! :D
Thanks.., bro. :D

Originally Posted by driger369 View Post
This is going to be amazing! I'm waiting for MD2 so this is going to be the perfect way to wait! I can't wait to see it, good luck!
Thank you. =3

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