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    Originally Posted by Hiroshi Sotomura View Post
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    So if you're interested, why don't you reply to this post? When expressing interest, say why you should be a beta tester!

    Note, that acceptance isn't random and is checked through. Perhaps you'll have better chances if you can prove you've beta tested a lot of hacks before.
    Well, I've never personally tested pokemon hacks before, as I am relatively new to the scene. I have, however, tested more proffessional mods for games like Freelancer, Battlefield 2142, battlefield 1942. Such mods include Alpha Tester for the Galactic Conquest mod, the First Strike mod (Which I have to go test in about an hour, coincidentally) and Tides of War.

    I've also been a head modder for a mod called Total Realism, which ended up being merged with another mod group. I've also been playing pokemon since I was a wee boy, and still play hacks quite a bit. In any event, good luck with your project. I've been looking forward to more updates.
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