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    3/13/08 UPDATES:

    New Types:

    Light-type: A new update on this now-familiar type. So far the only converted pokemon will be Bellossom (Grass/Light) and Sunflora (Grass/Light), as well as the Pokemon Solar Version legendary, Solavine (Fire/Light). The light-type will reflect off of heavenly and star-related subjects. More pokemon are expected for this new type.

    Wind-type: A suggested addition by mistersmeargle on the Poke Community forums. This new type will form the separation between birds and wind-related pokemon. Existing pokemon in the pokedex that will be converted will be Mantine (Water/Wind) and Chimecho (Psychic/Wind). Also, some moves will be coverted, including Air Cutter, Air Slash, Razor Wind, and Whirlwind. More udpates for this type are expected.


    The Tropal Rainforest has been coverted to Treeblossom Park, where the Bug-catching contest will be held on certain days.

    That is all!
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