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    Originally Posted by megiddo View Post
    Not true. Pikafan isn't even active anymore. I'm doing all the scripting. I'm also going to make other tiles myself. Mine would be in but Don Patch says that they don't use enough 8x8 pieces that are used multiple times. I'd be doing music too if sappy worked on my computer. NIN can teach me how to map good and I can be mapping as well. I dare you to show something that you have made.
    He'll probably just post a picture of a chicken.
    And i don't have anything against you 4fetter.
    i have something against your attitude and repeated amounts of the same complaining/spamming.
    Lose your attitude and go w/ the flow.
    don't go crazy just because you don't like what people have or how many members are needed.
    do that and you will be pretty cool.
    anyways megiddo i can teach you mapping if you want.
    We will start tomorrow on a pm.
    and its good to see that this thread is up and running(again).
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