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    okokok i have been on here for a while and have seen many people on here contribute all of there time to rom hacking or contributing stuff about pokemon.

    What is PmRO?

    PokemonRO is a Ragnarok Online Modification which involves including pokemon in the RO world. By using Gravity's powerful RO engine, we can create a server, which will act as a 3d enviroment. We want this game to be based on the Original 150 pokemon, but we can add more from newer versions also. The server will have many features including SRC edits, and a unique pokemon catching system. The client will have many pokemon sprites, maps, and items. (Such as monsters, towns, and items - pokedex cool.gif )

    Staff currently employed by PmRO

    Head Developers and Administrators

    * bballa99

    Head of SRC Editing

    * bballa99
    * ________


    * bballa99
    * _________


    * _________
    * _________


    * _________
    * _________

    Developers & Testers

    * _________
    * _________



    * Instead of WoE, it will be like a top pokemon master match.
    * A bounty system, a look out for the best pokemon trainer in the game
    * Everytime you catch a pokemon, there will be a chance that the pokemon is "Shiny" or "Dark".
    * The skills will be added as the original skills in pokemon. (Ex. Tackle instead of bash)
    * The custom pokemon trainer sprite for boys/girls. (See below)
    * Custom items such as: Badges/Bicycle/Elixirs/All pokeballs
    * A pokemon evolution tree
    * Players wont be able to attack pokemon & vice versa
    * TM'S , ex. TM01

    Gym Leaders:

    * Gym leaders will start off as NPC's, leading to real players.(This will make the game more realistic)
    * If a "Real Player" gym leader loses, they will lose their badge, the original gymleader will be enabled again.(NPCs)

    The Pokeball

    * The pokeball will consist of many kinds, with different catch rates. Pokeball - Lowest | Masterball - Highest
    * The human skills will consist of 2, and more can be obtained. (Ex, wearing a "Pokedex" will enable the skill "Monster Lookup")
    * Pokeballs will be in the [Item] or slot.
    * The max pokeballs able to be carried will be determined by the players strength/badges/Pokemon training skill

    Sprite Development (Progress: 46%)

    Completed Sprites:


    Item Development (Progress: 4%)

    Completed Items:

    -All pokeballs

    Map Development (Progress: 15%)

    Completed Towns:

    -Pallet Town
    -Route 01
    -Most indoor maps

    Scripting and SRC Dev. (Progress: 42%)

    -Created pokemon as homun.
    -Working on a catching system
    -Skills and hex edits working
    -Most NPC's are done
    -Most scripts are done
    -*We have found a temporary way to make our catching system* (Will be removed when server is out of Alpha?Beta? phase)

    PokemonRO is almost in alpha.

    We will be releasing the alpha to all the developers and testers in the section.

    If you want to play, you must apply for tester in this forum - HERE

    Q: What do you have ready for alpha?
    A: Well we have things that will keep you playing and testing for about 2months. The list is below.

    PmRO Upcoming Alpha Release

    -2 maps (Pallet town / Route 01)
    -13 Fully playable quests (deliver packages/kill X many pokemon)
    -20 items (such as bicycle love.gif | Yes, I know you don't get bike till like the 4th city or whatnot =o )
    -3 choosable characters which will change over time. (Blue Trainer/Red Trainer/Novice Trainer)
    -35 Catchable pokemon! cute.gif
    -And much more!

    Any questions please post in this forum - HERE

    Thanks for reading!

    Finally....the Previews!! smile.gif

    (Below): Charizard/Pokeball/Player Skills/Job

    We want to make the pokemon trainer sprites unique. So kind of like this, but more RO style.

    (Below): Route 01

    Please post any Q's or S's in this forum, or join our PmRO forums! - LINK HERE
    -If you would like to apply for a paid/voluntary job please pm me with a application in full ENGLISH or best of your ability
    -Please do not post SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
    -You can also contact me Via MSN / eAthena / RUNE / PmRO Forums

    P.S. This is the guy that is in charge of everything.
    Email | MSN | [email protected]
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