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    I would like to apply for the beta testing program. I have been a beta tester for RijonAdventures before, but here at PC I have made new account so you might not recognize me. (The newest username for my old account is Martin Yiu. Note that I am not using it anymore. You might have known me either as Sugimori or Matt NG, not sure of those.) Anyway, when I saw this opportunity to test the game again, I would like to join in and help you get rid of any bug that could be found.

    Why should I be a beta tester? ...Hmmm, hard to answer. I am really precise when testing games, so I talk to everyone and go through every place in the game. And so I can bring really nice results when testing.

    Hope that being a former tester and a precise gamer is a reason good enough to accpet me as a tester again. I think RijonAdventures is a game really worth of playing, and therefore I would like to get additional fun from it

    If you remeber me, feel free to send me a PM ;-)
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