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    Well, here's a fanfic that I've been working on for the last two years. It's an OT one...but don't run away! My main focus is humor, although it can get quite serious at times. I think my characters are also pretty believable. It has, literally, twin protagonists. Although they travel and collect badges, it isn't because they want to be Pokemon Masters. It's because their overproud parents kind of forced them into it, not that they mind much.

    (One more thing! Since I thought ten was too young for kids to be traveling around alone, in my story the age will be thirteen for starting Trainers, instead.) So, without further ado, here are the first two chapters! (Chapter One is in third person, but from then on it's told by either of the main characters.) Please go easy on me!

    Chapter One

    Far, far away… At a distant land, where humans and creatures coexist together… A land of fields, a land of mountains and caves… A land of victory and triumph… And yet, a land of failure and despair… A land known as Kanto. That is where the world of Pokémon’s next big wave is. In the small town of palette colors, a Pokémon-champion-would-be eagerly prepares to embark on the journey of his life…

    “Evan! Wake UP! We’re gonna be late! Evaaan! EVAN!”

    Evan awoke to the cool, wet sensation of a bucket of water being poured over his face. With a choked yelp, he sprung straight out of bed…and onto the cold, hard floor. “Ooff!” he grunted.

    “Ev-an!” Evan looked up and saw a girl with wavy, fiery red hair yet soft blue-violet eyes. She was already wearing an indigo shirt and black pants. “Evan, come on! Don’t forget we get our Pokémon Trainer licenses today,” the girl reminded her brother.

    “Okay, alright,” Evan whimpered. “Just give me a minute, Samantha.”

    Once Evan put on his favorite navy-blue shirt and brown pants, he and Samantha quickly packed some needed supplies in their backpacks. Evan also had red hair, though his was far neater and his eyes bluer than his sister’s. The twins had to visit Professor Oak to become official Pokémon Trainers, like many other thirteen year olds did.

    Once everything was packed, Samantha and Evan raced outside. They would have time to say good-bye to their parents later. First they’d get their beginner’s Pokémon.
    After arriving outside Professor Oak’s lab, they paused.

    “I hope we’re not too late on account of you,” Samantha said.

    “Hey, I only overslept an hour!” Evan defended himself.

    “Whatever. Let’s just go.”

    As Evan put his hand on the silver doorknob, the door flew open and collided with Evan, sending him wheeling back.
    An old, wise looking man stood in the doorway. “What was that sound?” he asked. “Did I hit a Rattata?”

    “No, just my brother,” Samantha said calmly to Professor Oak.

    As Evan limped over, the professor laughed. “That’s a relief! If it had been a Rattata, it would’ve needed to be taken to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City.”

    “Don’t worry,” Evan mumbled. “I’m okay.”

    Once in Oak’s lab, our heroes received some horribly disturbing news. Professor Oak said, “I have some horribly disturbing news. You see, that Bulbasaur that was for you, Evan… It recently has fallen quite ill and won’t be able to accompany you. But you can still get Charmander, Samantha.”

    “Okay! Fair enough,” Samantha beamed.

    “Hey, and what about me?!?” Evan cried out.

    “Well,” the professor began. “You have several options. A.) Wait another year. B.) Don’t ever become a Pokémon Trainer. C.) Go home and play with dolls or D.) Cry me a river. What’ll it be?”

    Evan blinked. “Uh…what?”

    “Or,” Samantha added, “ask our parents for a Pokémon."

    “Great idea, Sam!” Evan cheered as he scampered off.

    Professor Oak glanced around nervously. “Actually, the Bulbasaur became sick after I showed it a picture of Evan,” he confessed.

    “Ohhh-kay,” Samantha said awkwardly, and then added, “Hey, professor… About my Charmander…”

    “Oh, I’m sorry; here.” Oak handed Samantha a metallic red and white ball, known as a Pokéball.

    “Yes!” Samantha sang out. “I got a--!”

    “Woo-HOO! I got an Eevee from Dad!” Evan pranced in carrying a fluffy brown fox-like Pokémon.

    “Don’t interrupt!” Samantha snapped.

    Sensing an argument, Professor Oak quickly gave them each a Pokédex, made a silent prayer for Eevee, then ushered them outside while briskly saying, “Good luck!”

    “I got a Charmander!” Samantha cheered into the wind.

    “I love my Eevee!” Evan swooned as he snuggled the small nervous Pokémon. Both skipped home while singing “I’m in the money.”

    Their parents were waiting for them.
    “Kids,” their father began. “First off, we’re very proud of you both. We’re sure you’ll make fine Pokémon trainers. …Uh, son? Your Eevee is suffocating.”

    Evan realized he was squeezing his Eevee so hard that it couldn’t breath. “Oops!”

    “Anyway,” their father continued as if not interrupted, “we’re proud.”

    “Dear,” their mother said to Samantha, “May we see your Pokémon?”

    “Sure!” Samantha dropped the Pokéball. Nothing happened. “Uh… Wait a second…” Samantha proceeded to smash the Pokéball repeatedly into a tree. “Stupid…ball!” she growled.

    “You’re supposed to press the button on it,” their mother with measured patience.

    “Oh, yeah,” Samantha said sheepishly, then released Charmander. It looked like an orange lizard with a flame on its tail. It looked curiously at the humans. “See? Can we go now?” Samantha implored.

    “Please?” Evan added.

    Both parents nodded. As Evan and Samantha skipped into the distance singing, with their Pokémon, their parents sighed.
    “Boy, I’m glad they’re gone,” their father said.

    “Yes. Now we can finally enjoy some peace and quiet,” their mother added.


    Chapter Two

    A gentle breeze ruffled my hair as I trotted alongside Sam. We were almost to Viridian City. I looked down at my newly acquired Eevee, whom I was still carrying in my arms. She looked up at me and said, “Evwee!” Then she pawed playfully at my shoulder. I laughed. She was feisty!

    “Ah,” my sister said excitedly. “Viridian City!”

    I saw a small quaint town that lived up to its name; it had many green plants growing near it. I saw a forest in the distance. I hoped we wouldn’t need to go through it…

    “C’mon, Evan,” Sam said. “Let’s go battle the Gym Leader.”

    I nodded, somewhat distractedly. Were we ready? We haven’t even battled anyone yet… But I wasn’t about to argue with Samantha.

    Once we found the gym we discovered, to Sam’s frustration and to my relief, it was locked. A sign outside said as much.

    “Darn! Now what?” my sister fumed.

    “How about we just come back later?” I suggested.

    “Oh, okay…” she mumbled. Then she marched towards the forest.

    “H-Hey! Where are you going!?!” I shouted uneasily.

    “To Pewter City.”

    “And to get there…?”

    “We’ll go through Viridian Forest.”

    My heart leapt a mile. My mouth went dry. I dropped Eevee who yelped as she hit the ground. Not the creepy forest! “Sam, are you serious? It looks…dangerous,” I said horrified.

    “There’re only Pidgey in there, Evan. C’mon.”

    “Oh, alright,” I said as if I just received the death sentence. We had no experience. I did not like this…

    Near the forest’s entrance, Samantha stopped. “Evan,” she said with a sly grin.
    Oh, no, I thought. What crazy thing was she about to suggest?

    “What, Sam?”

    “How about we battle?”

    “I don’t know…”

    “Just as a warm-up.”

    “…Alright,” I mumbled. This wasn’t my day.

    As we stood on opposing sides, I looked at Samantha’s Charmander. His fire wavered excitedly. He looked tough. Then I looked at Eevee who was pouncing at a flower. Was this a bad sign?

    “Ready, Evan?” Samantha asked.

    “Ready when you are,” I spoke as confidently as I could.

    “Okay! Go get ‘em, Charmander!” she yelled.

    “Char!” The lizard boldly dashed forward.

    “Eevee, let’s go!” I called.

    “Ee?“ Eevee looked up from the flowers, confused, and then scampered out.

    “Charmander, use…Scratch?” Sam said uncertainly.

    The Fire Pokémon slashed Eevee with his sharp claws, causing her to tumble back. I gasped. Could I do this? Could I win?

    “Eevee, Tackle!” I ordered, remembering the moves Dad had told me.

    Eevee pounced into Charmander, causing him to go wheeling backwards. The Fire-type seemed almost happily surprised by this show of strength.

    “Fine then!” Sam yelled, obviously not as happy. “Charmander, use Ember!”

    Charmander growled, and then opened his mouth, releasing hot flames at Eevee! The fox made a failed attempt at dodging, and then let out a pained yelp as she was engulfed by fire!

    “Eevee!” I cried out.

    Once the fire was gone, Eevee collapsed with a whimper.

    As I quickly went to check on my defeated companion, Samantha let out a stressed sigh. “Whew! That was nasty,” she said shakily.

    “Char…” Charmander said sadly.

    As Sam gave me a potion to use on Eevee, she said, “Battles are more intense than I had originally thought.”

    “Yeah,” I agreed. “But you did good, Sam. Charmander is pretty gutsy.”

    “Thanks. Now let’s go through Viridian Forest.”

    The forest was dark. And it was quiet. And, worse of all, it was creepy. Tall, ancient trees blocked out the sunlight. The vegetation would occasionally squirm as wild Pokémon sneaked about. I really wanted to turn back but Sam, I knew, would keep going. We’d at least be better off together… Eevee, who turned serious and uneasy as soon as we came here, stood near my feet, her ears erect. I noticed even Charmander seemed a little jumpy.

    “So, you know where we’re going, Samantha?” I asked.

    “Uh, yeah, I guess,” she mumbled.


    “Through the forest.”

    “Duh!” I rolled my eyes.

    As we carefully walked through the forest, I kept hearing branches creaking. Were we being followed? Or was it just my mind playing tricks on me?
    “Wait, did you hear that?” Sam asked, disproving my more hopeful theory.

    “Hear what?” I demanded.


    “Don’t worry. You’re safe as long as I’m here.”

    “Oh, my hero! …Yeah, right.”

    Then, from nowhere, some kind of fluff ball creature shot at Samantha! As she screamed and ran in circles, I did a very manly thing: I grabbed Eevee then stampeded off. At least I saved Eevee, right? …Whoops?

    ~ Samantha ~

    I felt fur, heard Evan run away shrieking, then tripped over Charmander, who was jumping up and down in fright. So, as you can probably imagine, I was pretty ticked. Okay, honestly? I was FURIOUS! I grabbed the fluffy Pokémon, tore it off of me, and then tossed it into a bush. I then heard growling in the bush. Charmander whimpered and ran behind me. I didn’t care. This was personal. I was personally going to teach that cotton ball a lesson. I stood at the ready.
    The Pokémon leapt at me. I saw a flash of white fur. I took out my Pokédex and used it on the creature. Oh, and by that I mean I whacked it with the ‘dex. The Pokémon stumbled back. Then my Pokédex spoke in a mechanical voice:

    “Mankey, the Pig Monkey Pokémon. This Pokémon has an extremely short-temper. Approach with caution. …Oh, and if you ever use me as a club again, I’ll kill you in your sleep!”

    I stared at the ‘dex, shocked. Was I just threatened by my handheld Nintendo DS wannabe? That made me angry. As I proceeded to stomp on it in fury, the Mankey scratched Charmander. That was it. No one would hurt Charmander and get away with it! I tackled Mankey. Then we had a Fury Swipes contest. As we fought, Charmander tried to get my attention. When he got no answer, he picked up a Pokéball and threw it at the now weakened Mankey. Oh, so that’s what the balls were for! It shook once… Charmander stared with huge eyes. It shook twice… My Pokédex continued to curse me out. Then…ding! Charmander--I mean I caught a Mankey! Neat! Oh, how jealous Evan will be! But then I remembered: Where was that wretched brother of mine anyway?

    ~Evan ~

    In the distance I heard screams and roars. What was happening? Was my sister okay? And what was that awful, horribly terrifying fluff ball? I looked down at Eevee. “Eevee, I’m scared,” I whined.

    “Vwee…” Eevee said uncertainly.

    “What’ll we do?”







    “Vwee vwee!”

    “Er… Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

    Eevee fell over. Why weren’t there Pokémon language translation books? And where was Samantha??? I was terrified. Maybe we should hide…

    ~ Samantha ~

    Charmander and I continued to search for Evan and Eevee. Soon I saw a lake with bubbling water. Only air caused bubbles… “Charmander, use Ember on that lake!” I commanded.

    “Char! Char! Maaan-der!”

    As the flames struck the water, steam came up. And then, lo and behold, up flies Evan and Eevee.



    Charmander blushed with guilt while I laughed. Evan looked furious. “Well?!”

    “Well, what?”

    “Aren’t you sorry?”

    “Oh, sorry, Eevee,” I said to the fox.

    “But whadda ‘bout me?” he demanded.

    “What if…I don’t care? Oh, and I caught a Pokémon, see?” I quickly released it before Evan could refuse. Mankey looked at Evan.


    Mankey glared, then with a quick movement, tossed Evan into a bush! Perfect aim, too!

    “Ah, it’s already learning from the expert!” I said while laughing.

    “Ow… Don’t worry… I’m okay… Hey, Sam, that Mankey reminds me of you… You dirty rat…”

    I just continued to laugh. What’s wrong with having a short-temper and not letting people kick you around?
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