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I dunno the levels, but:
VeeVee/ Flareon
Dad/ Snorlax
VanillaIce/ Articuno
Herb/ Vileplume
Myuu/ Mew
Scary/ Haunter

FireNeedle/ Typhlosion
Alexander/ Meganium
Rayzr/ Feraligatr
Lugania/ Lugia
Bolton/ Ampahros
Shadow/ Umbreon

Raitan/ Pikachu
Flame/ Charizard
Flower/ Venusaur
Ocean/ Wartortle(hasn't evolved yet)
KickAsprin/ Hitmonlee
Temari/ Pigeotto(hasn't evolved...I think X.x)

Crystal(still in progress):
Aviex/ Feraligatr
AxelFire/ Growlithe
Liam/ Furret
Kerberos/ Eevee
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